15 Seconds

Henry Steadman is a successful Florida plastic surgeon on his ay to deliver a keynote address at a conference when his world falls apart. Stopped by the police for a minor traffic violation, the situation escalates and he is pulled from his ehicle, handcuffed, and told he is under arrest. Several other police cars arrive and the questioning turns scary, but after it subsides, and William is about to move on, the chie is suddenly killed in his car and there is only one suspect: the very person he was about to arrest not ten minutes before. Henry! When a second friend turns up dead, Henry realizes he 's being elaborately framed. But in a terrifyin twist, the stakes grow even darker, and he is unwilling to go to the police to clear his name.

15 Seconds is a tory of how even the best of lives can be destroyed in just an instant—and of an innocent woma, framed for murder, who has to save the person he loves the most, and who can not go the police to clear his name.

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Published July 10th 2012 by William Morrow
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15 Seconds
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gave it

Bullied by the officer who threaten him as a major criminal he flees for his life after gun shots are heard and Henry only sees a dead police officer hunched in his patrol car…….Suddenly he is a wanted man…Now that you have an idea where this story is heading I will let you read and enjoy it without saying more.This is a great read that hooks you right from the start and moves at a frenetic pace.

Charles also has help in proving his innocence, Carrie Holmes who works at the Sheriff ’ s office makes his life on the run easier.

“ 15 Seconds ” is a spine chilling thriller I enjoyed passing time with.

gave it

The trouble with " 15 Seconds, " though, is that you 're turning pages- at first- to see what stupid mistakes Dr. Henry Steadman is making.

gave it

Hmmm, well for starters, he was going to Jacksonville, Florida to speak at a Doctor 's conference, and prior to that, meeting his best friend since college, ike, for a round of golf.But before Dr. Steadman could even get to the golf course, a rather nasty cop, Officer Martinez, stopped him for no pparent reason, right?

Sure the doctor was in an area of Florida he was n't unfamilia with, but to be given a ticket for ( almost going down a one way street) was downright ridiculous.After that dust settles, Dr. Steadman thought he was in the clear until he hears two POP!

This tory takes the eader on a roller coaster ride -- sure to give the best thrill of your life!

gave it

Firs dad is trying to save his father, but do n't understand why his practice is in the pain clinic.

gave it

Another glaring example: Vance ( villain) has a workshop in the meadow behind his repossessed home.

These outline errors are not what ultimately turned me off this book.

( Never cleared up) It 's tragi, because this story had a lot of wishe.

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