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For both experienced and beginner knitters, this is an nspirational collection of favorite motifs found in the traditional knitting of Norway, weden, Denmark, Iceland, and the Faeroe Islands, including charming motifs of stars, hearts, flowers, leaping reindeer, and danc, as well as delightful geometric patterns, and more. Each motif is shown as a hand-knitted swatch, illustrated with clear, life-sized photographs and accompanied by easy-to-read color charts, and a reverse colorway suggestion.

With clear details on reading color charts, and a full review of techniques for two-color knitting, this nove also gives advice on incorporating the Scandinavian motifs into a multitud of different projects, allowing you to create unique designs. Includes guidance on choosing yarns, use of olor, and finishing techniques to help you hone your knitting skills and create stylish projects.

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Published September 10th 2013 by Interweave Press (first published July 30th 2013
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