1676: The End of American Independence

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Published December 1st 1995 by Syracuse University Press (first published 1984
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1676: The End of American Independence
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Cameron shows the interconnectedness of King Arthur 's War, Bacon 's Rebellion, and the Iroquois war of subjugation against the Susquehannock.

He shows how in Virginia it was the tobacco ships that won the civil war, and in New York and New England it was the Iroquois who swung the balance of power.

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Now Charles II ’ s son, James the Duke of York, one of the more eccentric individuals in history, not tupid, very intelligent, but an autocrat. [ Rushdoony ] Yes. [ cott ] And he determined that the provinces, you might say, the American provinces would stop being semi autonomous and would become colonies and would be governed from London and they would do what London wanted them to do and there was a rebellion, if you remember, in irginia, in which a number of men were killed and it was suppressed with great savagery.

And unless Americans know that background, I would say their knowledge of American history is gravely incomplete. [ Rushdoony ] Yes. And the sad fact is that that very important book scarcely had any notice and it has virtually disappeared from the inds and eyes of people who are interested in American history, but it tells us how after the Cromwellian commonwealth was destroyed, then the freedom of the Americas was destroyed. [ Hughe ] Exactly. [ Rushdoony ] And we did not regain it with the glorious revolution.

They kept us in subjection until the War of Independence created a counter movement to that earlier suppression. [ Smith ] Well, the so-called glorious revolution, that is the greatest bunch of baloney that has ever been put out.

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