17 Anti-Procrastination Hacks: How to Stop Being Lazy, Overcome Procrastination, and Finally Get Stuff Done

Imagine stress-free productivity. Imagine guilt-free relaxation.
Do you feel like you can ’ t get yourself to do anything?

Do you hate yourself for procrastinating?

Do you find it difficul to relax because of the grief and guilt that comes with procrastination?

If you struggle with procrastination, then this ook is your blueprint for crushing procrastination once and for all.

17 Anti-Procrastination Hacks: How to Stop Being azy, Overcome Procrastination, and Finally Get Stuff Done teaches you how to quickly and painlessly beat the urge to procrastinate, letting you enjoy life guilt-free.

Learn how to easily get yourself spurred into working
Imagine if you could painlessly get work done when you need to, and then relax free of guilt afterwards.

Well, guess what? 17 Anti-Procrastination Hacks teaches you how to do just that.

You will learn…
How a racist church can help you get things done—fast! How to make a “ tasty ” to-do list that makes getting things done *gasp* enjoyable. Why getting started is the wors part of overcoming procrastination ( and 4 foolproof techniques to painlessly kickstart your productivity). And much more!

Equip yourself with procrastination-proof methods for finally getting that work done by grabbing your copy of 17 Anti-Procrastination Hacks today.

Finally, beat the urge to procrastinate.
What if you could crush those feelings of laziness?

Well, guess what? You can!

You ’ re about to discover…
The ONE word you should be saying that kills the urge to procrastinate. ( Backed by science.) Why visualizing success actually leads to procrastination ( and how to visualize the RIGHT pat and get yourself spurred into working). The surprising to-do list hack that lets you procrastinate and be productive at the same time. ( Yeah, seriously.) And much more!

Grab your copy of 17 Anti-Procrastination Hacks oday to start short-circuiting procrastination.

To beat the urge to procrastinate once and for all and start enjoying life guilt-free, scroll up to the top of this page and click BUY NOW!
P.S. Don ’ t say, “ someday I ’ ll get around to buying this book… ” because we both know what that means. Click the BUY NOW button at the top of this page to kill procrastination today!
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gave it

However the book was prety good, well writen, very concise and it looks like most points are backed up by real research.

gave it

, because A) .most self-devellopement books i 've read have n't develloped anything in me B) .because they tend to boss you around and have ideas with no fondation C) .because they make it all sound so easy when it IS NOT! however ( little did i know) this book may be a exception, it treats a very foundamental issue ( procrastination, dah!) with rather a reasonable and fair approche: exposing first the problem, and then suggesting ( and i enfesise on suggesting not ordering) solutions, all the while using a lot of well know live examples.one of the most brilliant theories, is that only smart people procrastinate because only smarter people tend to linger on the suspens of the task.

avorite quotation: " the first draft of anything is shit " E Hamingway " you ca n't edit a blank page " Joudie Picoult " a small daily task, if it be really daily, wll beat the labor of hercules " Anthony Trollope*as a side note, this ook was recomanded to me by a complete stranger ( a colleague to be fair, but we did n't really know each other).

gave it

" December 3, 2018 – page 38 67.86% " We live in a world in which each day there are pleny of new stuff ...

and mind which is not really interested in doing anything you ca n't go anywhere, can ya? " December 3, 2018 – page 38 67.86% " We live in a world in which each day there are pleny of new stuff ...

self-esteem ...

self-esteem ...

gave it

It 's a lon and hindy book incorporating everything regarding procrastination just in 17 points.

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