17 Black and 29 Red

“ What are you running away from? You ’ re still going to miss him whether you ’ re here or Mars. ”

When Pip Valentine fell hard in love with the armed robber who kidnapped him, his life was turned upside down. But consuming love tends to burn what it touches and Valentine has to make the most adult decision of his life: to walk away from Lindsay Brown. Reconciled with his mother and starting a new elationship with his childhood best friend, Valentine tries to leave the consequences of a terrible decision behind and forget about Lindsay. Until, that is, after trying to run away – travelling the world in search of cheap thrills and dangerous highs, finding unexpected salvation in the safety of a family life – Lindsay comes back to find him.

When the past and the present collide unexpectedly after several years apart, can a twisted broken old romance ever settle into true friendship?
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Published February 14th 2015(first published 2009
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17 Black and 29 Red (Stockholm Syndrome, #2)

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gave it

The MCs ( view spoiler) [ have been separated for over four years.

Once again I have to observe that male authors ( specifically M/M authors) write lovable female characters who appeal very much to me.

As a resul, I think that especially female authors who write het romance could take a leaf out of their books.

One thing 's for sure though, they hardly ever write stupid female characters.

gave it

There ’ s no denying they deserved that ...

Maybe not ” they ” per se, maybe it was mostly Valentine who deserved that ...

gave it

until, of course, Lindsay appear again in his life, bringing something that Pip loved so much ...

" " Do you love me? " he says softly, and Lindsay remembers the first time Valentine ever asked him that, drunk and high on no drug at all, kissing in the car at the top of a cliff seven years ago with a back seat full of ransom money.

gave it

Oh man, the good one indeed.They are separated most of the fictio and you accompany them through their experiences without the other one and there was no moment in which you did n't think " This is so wrong! ", despite them being more or less happy or satisfied with their lives.

Strangely enough, Valentine develops a better balance than Lindsay does ever find, even though he is precisely the one that could n't live all by himself.

But it was n't acceptable because it was n't with Lindsay.

But true.I felt a little like the bitch when finally Lindsay and Valentine get together again.

The moment when they finally meet felt like a shock, as if the author suddenly decided stretching things too long would be superfluou, which I appreciate, as it would have been a perfect occasion to write pages and pages and pages talking nonsense and taking advantage of the reader 's love towards the characters.

gave it

I am still reeling from the way things ended and now they face years apart ... YEARS!!!

The friendshi he has with Ellie is empty and vacant and obviously not what makes Lindsay happy, but still it seems that the only ay to heal is to come full circle again, for both Jane and Pip. I still want to scratch her eyes out.

Why ca n't she go find her own an, the bloody moo cow! The only way it is ever going to work would be for it to be just like this, I accept that now, but gahhhh the getting there is torture! A fantastic edition to this series.

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