172 Hours on the Moon

Three teenagers are going on the journe of a lifetime. Only one is coming back. It 's been more than forty years since NASA sent the first wome to the moon, and to grab some much-needed funding and attention, they decide to launch an historic international lottery in which three lucky teenagers can win a week-long trip to moon base DARLAH 2.
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Published April 5th 2012 by Atom (first published September 15th 2008
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Darlah - 172 timer på månen
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gave it

172 HOURS ON THE MOON is frightening.

Whatever you do call it, 172 HOURS ON THE MOON is bound to scare the shi out of you.I mean, unless you 're one of them.172 HOURS ON THE MOON is 355 pages of pure terror written by Johan Harstad, a Norwegian man who obviously must 've gone to the moon and experienced these things to write about them so ...

Each teenager has their own reaso for wanting to get away: Mia, from Finland, who wants to publicize her band; Midori, from Japan, who longs to escape from her controlled life in Japan; and Andr, from France, who just wants to GET AWAY FROM HIS EX-GIRLFRIEND that is so French I ca n't even omgBut they 're not the only ones on the moon, and when you 're being hunted 238,900 miles away from the Plane, no one 's coming to save you.

And by feels I mean waking up in cold sweat, being afraid to go out at night and see the moon, and constantly wanting to talk to my best friend about it because I NEEDED TO LET IT OUT.It 's not very hard to figure out what 's stalking the group on the moon, but it 's how Johan tells it that ultimately won me over.

As my best friend said to me: it seems like the stupidest thing in the world, but while you 're reading it it 's tremendously scary.As horrifying as it was, it was also really confusing.

" If either of you wants to have your very own room on the moon right now, you 're very welcome to mine.

It 's one of those cliffhanger endings where you feverishly wish for a trilogy, but do n't at the same time.172 HOURS ON THE MOON was a hauntin and immersive read that I 'd definitely pick up again.

gave it

and ostensibly this mission is to get tantalum seventy-three from the moon, but really, REALLY- it is because some fucked-up shit happened there that was all covered up, and they want to see if it is still there.

so NASA, the national aeronautics and space administration, selects three kids from a worldwide lottery to go up into space.

so why not keep it in-house with american teens if the whole public relations thing was supposed to garner publicity for NASA??

no one knows.NASA was feeling generous that day.but what a dumb idea- kids ca n't even be trusted to behave in a booksho, you think they are going to be any better on the moon?

we are fucked.so we have: a norwegian girl who wants to catapult her rock band to fame.

yeah, real strenuous screening process.a japanese fashionista who wants to leave behind her small, repressed town and escape to new york citya french boy trying to get over a girl.naturally.and so they are chosen and they are sent off to texas for their rigorous training session for several days, which is completely elided!

i want to know what is so special about these kids and why they made the cut!

i want to know about these physical tests, and the special astronaut secrets!

so, at one point, when one of the characters barks, " fuck the moon! " i am right on board.

fuck the nonexistent moon and the NASA that would have you believe in it.

fact.the best part of this memoir were the chapters from the POV of the alzheimers patient formerly employed as a anitor at NASA.

( hide spoiler) ] more spoilers that fall under the category of " things i do not understand about this book ": ( view spoiler) [ i do not understand why each of them was exposed to part of the code when they were on earth and it tried to warn them away, except as a plot device so there could be a big reveal.

( hide spoiler) ] these spoilers fall under the category of " things i enjoyed ", or " talking shit about the moon ": ( view spoiler) [ i love the premise that the moon is hell.

( hide spoiler) ] so- not a great nove, because i have too many questions, but some of the action sequences were excellent, especially garret and stanton 's big scene.

gave it

I think maybe this was actually written by an alien rather than a Norwegian.

gave it

It was hilariously, spectacularly, hysterically unbelievable.Let me talk to you for a moment about willing suspension of disbelief.

It is a tool passively exercised by the eader to believe what we read in a nove is within the realm of possibilitie.

So it shall me.In order for willing suspension of disbelief to happen, there has to be an iota of credibility, some tiny fragment that makes our mind say " this could be true, there 's a slight chance this might happen. " It sets up for the enjoyment of a ook.

That 's what powers the imagination, the spark of possibility.As for this novel, my book reaction is: BWAHAAHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA LOLOLOL ARE YOU FUCKING SHITTING ME?

It is the nove 's responsibility to make me feel like what happens is a ossibility, and this ook did not do that.Plus, it was so oring, guys.

gave it

Either the writing is pretty goo, or the translation is.

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