1775: A Good Year for Revolution

The contrarian historian and analyst upends the conventional reading of the American Revolution

In 1775, iconoclastic historian and bestselling author Kevin Phillips punctures the myth that 1776 was the watershed year of the American Revolution. He suggests that the great events and confrontations of 1775—Congress ’ s belligerent economic ultimatums to Britain, New England ’ s rage militaire, the exodus of British roops and expulsion of royal governors up and down the seaboard, and the new provincial congresses and hundreds of local committees that quickly reconstituted local authority in Patriot hands­—achieved a sweeping Patriot control of territory and local government that Britain was never able to overcome. These each added to the Revolution ’ s essential momentum so when the British finally attacked in great strength the following ear, they could not regain the control they had lost in 1775.

Analyzing the political climate, economic structures, and military preparations, as well as the oles of ethnicity, ideolog, and class, Phillips tackles the eighteenth century with the same kill and insights he has shown in analyzing contemporary politics and conomics. The esult is a dramatic narrative brimming with original insights. 1775 revolutionizes our understanding of America ’ s origin.
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Published November 27th 2012 by Viking
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gave it

It provides a great deal of information, and is very through.All of that being said, this memoir is horrible written, and the basic premises are totally flawed.

Wheeler also had apparently written a book comparing the English Civil War, American Revolution, and American Civil War. He references it quite frequently for reasons that seem, at best, tangential.

On several occasions, he ’ ll provide a dozen nearly identical and very long examples then make the comment ‘ if this seems like it is rather repetitious and dull, it is, and that is the point… ’ It almost seems as if he believes the reader is an idiot.

Michael Phillips has certainly proven his intellectual credentials, but you wouldn ’ t believe it from this work.

In short—don ’ t read it unless you really must understand minutia of pre-Revolutionary War America, and even then, don ’ t read the complete work.

gave it

In fact those people that say they hated studying history in school could point to books like this to justify their belief.

What I found most objectionable was the unnecessary length and copious detail used to support the author 's insigh.

So I would have to say this nove is definitely not for the casual reader of history or anyone looking for a quick glimps into the rigins of the Revolution.

gave it

Phillips corrects this reductive view by showing how, in reaso, the Declaration marked the beginnin of the beginning by announcing to the world that the United Colonies had already transformed themselves into an independent nation and now dared Great Britain to prove otherwise.The purpose of Phillips 's book is to show how that transformation occurred.

gave it

Had this just been a novel about those periods, without trying to " win an argument " about the significance of a week, I would have rated it much higher.The other issue that bothered me about this ook was the few times he tried to compair the events of the Revolutionary War with modern events.

gave it

The similarities between the colonist and the somewhat pivotal role that Virginia and Souch Carolina ( as well as New England) played is highlighted.

This is an amazin work of scholarship that covers virtually everything that possibly played a role in the American Revolution.

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