Året är 1793. Gustav III är död sedan mer än ett år. Sverige styrs med järnhand av friherre Gustaf Adolf Reuterholm. Ingen litar på någon. Överallt frodas paranoia och konspirationer.

I oktober hittas ett stympat lik i den stinkande sjön Fatburen på Södermalm i Stockholm. Kroppen saknar både armar och ben och har vanställts bortom all igenkänning. Trots att Cecil Winge vid Stockholms poliskammare är dödsmärkt av lungsoten åtar han sig att lösa mysteriet med Fatbursliket. Snart fastnar han i en väv av mörka hemligheter och bottenlös ondska vars trådar leder högt upp i samhällets topp.

Natt och Dag tecknar ett fascinerande porträtt av Stockholm i slutet av 1700-talet. Ur fyra berättarperspektiv klär han av den sengustavianska tiden dess påmålade prakt och ståtlighet. Sminket och de pudrade perukerna trampas ner i de lortiga gränderna och ett skräckinjagande, men också livfullare och trovärdigare, Stockholm kommer i dagen.

1793 är en modernt berättad historisk spänningsroman, med ena foten i en litterär tradition som inte sparar någon möda för att ge en korrekt bild av dåtiden och den andra i en långt mörkare linje av hårdkokt spänningslitteratur som inte väjer för något. Det är en historia som rör sig från samhällets övre skikt ner till dess allra djupaste bottnar. Det är Bellman noir, som en adrenalinstinn sentida ättling till Drottningens juvelsmycke och ett knytnävsslag mot den idylliserade bilden av svenskt 1700-tal.
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Published March 27th 2018 by Bonnier Audio (first published September 13th 2017
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gave it

... aka this was n't my book. **my goodreads friend Katie B sent me this book.

gave it

The Wolf and the Watchman is at times horrifying, often captivating and always brilliantly written.

This ensures the novel is a fantastic depiction of life during this fearful revolutionary period in European history.A body is found in the pon and recovered by a watchman, Mickel Cardell.

Winge is recognised as an honest man who will use evidence from all sources, particularly permitting defendants an opportunity to speak for themselves.Kristofer Blix was an apprentice surgeon during the ar and finds himself in Stockholm playing a carefree game with other people ’ s money until it all collapses and he is left destitute.

While carefully written, I felt the balance between descriptive elements and plot, to be slightly unbalanced, mainly with the sections devoted to Kristofer and Anna-Stina.

gave it

He wants to solve the puzzle of the identity of the woma who had no arms, no legs, no teeth, eyes or tongue.

The two en, Cardell and Winge, go on a mission to solve this case before time for one, or perhaps both, run out.Kristofer Blix is the eldest of a doctor.

There is a lot of mystery here but there are also vivid descriptions ( not just the brutal ones), scenes which detail what like was like in Stockholm during that time.

The individual stories of the storyline are nteresting and detail each character ’ s motivation.A brutal and chilling tale and glimpse into life in the 1700 's that I found to be captivating, depressing, and revolting all at the same time.

gave it

A vividly written, uniqu, intriguing and atmospheric Scandinavian crime thriller/ horror/ historical fiction story that made for difficult reading in places due to its very graphic content and yet apparently an accurate portrayal of 1780 Stockholm and I came away from this one with a fee of gratitude for not having lived in the ate 1700s as I do n't think I would have lasted 5 minutes in that barbaric squalor, depraved and diseased city.

I read this one with my fiancee and we were completely engrossed in the retelling and the haracters and while it is a little out of my comfort zone, I loved the historical lement and mystery to this one, it has a strange eerie feel to it which I loved and the sensibility of time and place is excellent.

I had a hard copy of this novell and the audio version as well and was lucky to be eage to switch between the two, the audio was narrated by 3 narrators and their narration of this tory was xcellent.

gave it

Cecil Winge, a jurist, suffering through the last tages of consumption has been asked to look into the subjec, which is the least hing that keeps him on his feet, fighting to stay alive long enough to solve the mysterie.

But, despite the impressiveness of it, I ’ m not sure it ’ s ready for prime time, which is an audience trained to absorb bland, contained, polished, and watered down content.

I 'm not convinced this novel is suited for mass consumption.

gave it

Turned out to be a really good read! Mickel Cardell, a former soldier, is living in Stockholm when he finds a mutilated body.

I absolutely loved how the author chose to tell the story by setting the stage first with the men investigating and then going back and showing how certain characters were connected in some way to the ase, and finally the last part featuring Cardell and Winge piecing everything together.

gave it

The atrocity of the crime, as it has been related, is too great, such that I do not know how I should think thereof. ” -- -Carl Gustaf Af Leopold 1793The night watchman, Mickel Cardell, has seen enough death to last several lifetimes.

I would describe the state of the body so that all of you, fair reade, would understand the true dread that Cardell saw, but given that it provides clues for the ongoing investigation, I will leave the details for you to discover for yourself.

Cecil Winge is dying of consumption, but once he realizes the details of this murder most foul, he summons what reserves he has to pull himself from his sweat stained sheets to lead the investigation.

Aye, I have to say that short description was enough to rouse my sympathies for the an, but as Niklas Natt Och Dag reveals Winge ’ s characters, you learn that tragedy has so many faces, so many nuances.

Can they both be so lucky to perform one last service for humanity before Cardell drinks himself to death and Winge coughs up the bloody spume of his last breath?

She can believe that her life can get no worse, but then when the church inserts a sanctimonious nose into her bleak future, she finds that things can most assuredly get worse.

gave it

This one is such a blac and disturbing book.

I love dark and isturbing.

It took me on a journey into late 18th century Stockholm and I felt like I was there.The characters were so well done and I loved arrell and Winge.

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