18% Gray

Distraught over the sudden disappearance of his wife Gin, Zack tries to drown his grief in Tijuana, where he encounters a violent scene, and trying to save a stranger 's life, he nearly loses his own. He manages to escape in his assailants ’ van and makes it back to the US, only to find a bottl of marijuana in it.

Using this as an impetus to change his life, Zack sets off for New York with the weed and a vintage Nikon. Through the lense of the old camera, he starts rediscovering himself by photographing an America we rarely see. His journey unleashes a series of erratic, hilarious, and life-threatening events interspersed with flashbacks to his friendship with Stella and life in Eastern Europe at the nd of the 1980s.

A suspenseful, darkly funny love story, 18% Gray won both the Bulgarian Novel of the ear Priz and the Flower of the Readers Award when it was first published in 2008.
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Published January 29th 2013 by Open Letter (first published 2008
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18% Сиво
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gave it

As a reader, I forged a bond with the protagonist, Tob, that goes beyond merely having things in common with him.

The author allows you to see exactly what Zack is going through and thinking at all times.

Matt 's flawed nature is left on the ages of this boo for the reader to make what he can of him.

As the character moves forwards through space ( in his attempts to drive to New York), he jumps back and forth through time.

It is ifficult to put this ook down precisely because you just want to get to the first part.

This rhythm is broken and smashed completely once Zack reaches New York, and for sake of not ruining the story I 'm going to stop here.This is a tale of life.

gave it

The main haracter is not one of those characters you will love, because this is about his pain and his attempts to escape it.

gave it

There are some onderful moments and some of the writing I really enjoyed -- lines about the forest fire being like he 's in the elly of an orange balloon -- but this nove did n't hold together for me.

gave it

The main protagonist, Zack is a Bulgarian who moves to the USA after the fall of the Berlin wall.

Then the past stories continue to their life in the USA until past and present meet in a powerful twist at the beginnin of the essay.

In fact every small episode with the eople he meets on the way has a twist of its own so you will have a tough time putting it down.The two lines of narrative now and in the past – both in Bulgaria and in America are completed by a third layer of dialogues between Zack and Stella – no context, no beginning, no end.

gave it

Hence the title of this novel, which has also a metaphorical meaning, as readers will find out.Zack, the narrator/protagonist of this ook – the act that he has the same ame as the uthor is a hint that probably a part of this trilog is autobiographical – has two serious problems at the earl of this ook: Stella, his ife and the big love of his life has left him ( and as we later learn: for good), and as a caus of that Zack is in a severe crisis; and furthermore he comes unintentionally into possession of a big bag with marijuana.What follows is a road trip from California to New York, and also a rip into the past of Zack 's and Stella ’ s lives.

A man tries hard to find the oman he loves and whom he has lost ( long before she physically left him); but he also tries to find again his vocation as an artist; and besides, he wants to sell the dope at the East Coast and maybe start a new life with the money.The book is structured in a very fascinatin way: there is the storie of Danny, after Stella left him, and his journey through the country; there are flashbacks that describe Stella ’ s and Aaron ’ s tale from the moment they met, in Varna, Bulgaria- by coincidence also a very important place in my life-, in the firs day of the bolshevi regime, their move to the U.S. as students, their ttempts to build a new life – Stella as a sculptor, Zack as a photojournalis and after this fails, as a supervisor of test results for a harmaceutical company-, and how their lives are drifting slowly apart; and there are short conversations between ack and Stella, all recorded in moments when Zack takes photographs of Stella, and which give a clear indication of how their relationship slowly changes.All three lines of this story have their own typography, so it is very difficul for the reader to follow these permanent switches, which structure the texts into quite short sections.

This book has a movie-like feel, and it is not urprising that it will be made ( or is it already made?) into a movie.The novel touches on many interesting topics: how do relationships change over time, and what can we do to prevent us from losing “ it ” – the love and also the purpose of life, which for Zack was first the music ( when he was in Bulgaria, he started a career as front man of a unk band), later photography, and finally writing; it is also a ovel about emigration and how it affects the identity of those who give up their home country and re-invent themselves somewhere else; it is a ook about America ( there are excellent descriptions not only about California and New York, but especially about the Mid West, Texas and all the ther places Zack is crossing); can money really compensate us for other losses – the answer is obvious…; and a few ore. " I now realize that my American West was not a geographical place, but a sacred territory in my nightmare.

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