1900. Легенда о пианисте

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Published 2005 by Симпозиум (first published 1994
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Novecento. Un monologo
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gave it

This is a very short text, one might even say it 's a ong story ( 90 pages).

La terre, c ’ est un bateau trop grand pour moi.

C ’ est un trop long voyage.

I am completely in love with his writing so unique, so fine, so elicate and full of umor.

gave it

Even though it ’ s a lon tory, you can live an incredible adventure.Imagine living your entire life on a yach, a huge cruise ship.Your entire world is that ship and nothing else.

You can not know how the real world is; you don ’ t even know sand or the mell of just-mowed grass.Novecento found by a machinist of the Virginian when was just a newborn on this cruise ship in the nex half of the last century.The narrator of this tale is a trumpeter who wants a job on the boat.

This is the theme, Novecento lived his all life on the oat, that was his house, there he was born: he could n't leave.I wanted to read this memoi because I had just watched the movies, and I thought it was beautiful.It has made me dream; it made me think about how much life, sometimes, could be mysterious.I have to say that this ook, like the film, is pretty is weird.

In act, during all the pages, the trumpeter tells just a monologue about his best riend, the great pianist.I can understand that not everything is going to appreciate this ook, even if I have found it pure poetry! I don ’ t think anyone can read this ook; in fact it maybe more appreciated by grown-ups.It ’ s a ast read because it only has approximately 60 pages.

gave it

Novecento lives on the ship from the very en, he never leaves it.

Instead, he listens to the tories the people tell.

Novecento 's music captures the people on board.

Novecento 's friend is telling the tal and although you soon know how Novecento ends up the story does not lose its tension.

gave it

" The world is the piano of God and on which I can not play. "- says the most famous Pianist Novecento ( 1900) .This is a hort and provocative story with an interesting philosophy at the beginnin.

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