1919 The Year That Changed America

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1919 was a world-shaking year. America was recovering from World War I and black soldiers returned to racism so violent that that summer would become known as the Red Summer. The suffrage movement had a long-fought win when women gained the right to vote. Laborers took to the stree to protest working conditions; nationalistic fervor led to a communism scare; and temperance gained such traction that prohibition went into effect. Each of these movements reached a tipping point that year.

Now, one hundred years later, these same social issues are more certai than ever. Sandler traces the momentum and setbacks of these movements through this last century, showing that progress isn ’ t always a straight line and offering a unique lens through which we can understand history and the change many still seek.
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Published January 8th 2019 by Bloomsbury Children's Books
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gave it

The history teachers in my building had never heard of it.

If the US history teachers have not heard of the Red Summer, who else would?

I have one African-American student who loves to read about civil rights history, because his wif was born in Louisiana in 1954 and has some stories that alarm him.

gave it

I remember thinking to myself that it was formatted like those dreary history books written for children -- the ones they hate to read -- but this was so much more excitin!

I ( an educated person with two graduate degrees) was learning interesting relevant things! Then I discovered it IS a child 's history book.

gave it

I love that it 's a nonfiction winner.

gave it

The inclusion of the " One Hundred Years Later " section adds relevance to each of the hapters and events.

Although this nove is an excellence reference for some of the issues it explores, especially since he has woven in the antholog of individuals involved in these happenings and sprinkles in connections throughout the chapters, it also is engaging reading for anyone trying to understand the mportance of one year on the nation 's future.

gave it

When history is presented in this way, I think it is difficult for kids to enjoy it.

gave it

Where I have real issues with this essay is the bias of the poet in many of the 100 year later positions.

The connections the author drew are most definitely from a strong political view and I think for students they should read all sides no matter where we are at with our own political viewpoints.

gave it

Even though there is a substantial bibliography in the back, the author never cites anything about history, even when it 's a direct quote, and he definitely never cites any of the assertions or statistics that he presents in the ections on current events.

I know that the statistics that he presented about hate groups in America and other issues may be perfectly accurate, but since he did not cite any of this information, I became uspicious of almost all of his comment about the present.The sections on current events are also incredibly biased.

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