1922 is a ovella by Stephen King, published in his ollection Full Dark, No Stars ( 2010).

The tal opens with the confession of Wilfred James to the conviction of his fiancé, Arlette, following their move to Hemingford, Nebraska onto land willed to Arlette by her fiancé.
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Published November 9th 2010 by Scribner
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gave it

In the titular year of 1922, Wilf lived on a farm in Nebraska with his wife Arlette and their son Henry, and he was a content man, taking care of his land, not owning anyone anything.

Though I think verything is better with a bit of Thomas Jane, who did an incredible job with this truly repugnant role, the ovella gets into James' head and his descent into madness the way a movie simply ca n't.

gave it

I just knew this would be a supernatural read, but it ’ s not ( or at least I don ’ t think it was).

Hmmm, ok, not race, but he falls anyway.

gave it

I KNOW there are good rats.

In fact, my kids had two very polite and cuddly rats, Lucy and Penelope.

Well, I ’ ll tell you this: Lucy and Penelope would not have had the privilege of living in our loving home had I read 1922 first!

It ’ s a ong tory, which I outlined in excruciating detail in my eview of A Decen Marriage.

Where did the people of A Decen Marriage disappear to? It wasn ’ t until the first Gore on Steroids scene that I had the good sense to check Goodreads, where I discovered that 1922 is its own story and has absolutely nothing to do with A Good Marriage.

The ba news: I finished the story.

The ad news: The pictur of rats chomping on a dead person, a live person, and a cow ’ s teat ( no kidding!) are plastered onto the photo album in my head.

King cleverly added this, I think, so we wouldn ’ t feel stupi for her.How to rate a book that you know is great ( and will appeal to fans of horror) but turned you off with its huge doses of violence and gore?

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