1930: Aryl's Divide

After the gloomy memorial, the formerly pampered 1929 characters mourn the loss of Aryl Sullivan. Claire, now a pregnant mistres, is too devastated to cope and withdraws from the group, delving into a deep depression. Caleb drowns his own happines in a ottle of whisk, and Ale becomes obsessed with finding the true cause for the boat ’ s explosion. And Ava anxiously awaits the birth of their child.

As the family and friends come to grips with Aryl ’ s eath, the truggle to survive both emotionally and financially strains everyone in different ways.

So it ’ s up to Maura to see them past the worst of it, but she faces setbacks of her own when complications arise in her pregnancy. The new sheriff, Marvin, is working both sides of the law and takes advantage of Caleb ’ s state, getting him involved in bootlegging that threatens the business and his family. A concerned Patrick tries to help him, but stubborn as a mule, Caleb won ’ t forget.

But the gears of life slowly start to move again, and new friends are made and old enemies return. Claire finds refuge in Gordon, a married, and the two find a common bond, finally allowing her to move on and accept her new life.

Until she ’ s met with a shocking surprise.
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Published January 2nd 2014 by Amazon Digital Services, Inc. (first published April 18th 2013
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1930 Aryl's Divide
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gave it

In book one, the characters lost their financial security.

They had to work sixteen hours a day six days a week to survive their present living conditions, yet they spent so much time solving non work related crises I do not see how they could manage to do both.Thank you, Ms. Evans, for a ood read.

gave it

Reading some of the eviews, especially the one stars I was wondering if we read the same book.Yes, there were mistakes: grammatical, timeline and historical mistakes- but does that really impact the story.

When we are confronted with the messy side of life, it looks frightening and even unbelievable but since that is part of the pat we are shaped it becomes beautiful at the beginnin.

gave it

( I wrote " will be " since I know I 'll keep reading to the nd of the series.) In a nutshell, these are books I love to hate.

Many readers have pointed out some of the obvious errors, like showers in the NYC tenements, etc.

( 2) Getting a very simple detail like the Ides of March incorrect.

gave it

I 'd call it " Romantic rama " or " Soap Opera Fiction ".

if it 's a soap opera cliche, this ook has it.

gave it

The time frame is very appealing to me and the initial plot about the stock market crash in the second book 1929 had me completely enthralled.

I love how each book has a bit of a different feel or slant.

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