1939: The Last Season

The Season of 1939 brought all those 'in Society' to London. The young debutante daughters of the pper classes were presented to the Quee and Queen to mark their acceptance into the new adult world of their arents. They sparkled their way through a succession of balls and parties and sporting events. The Season brought together influential people not only from Society but also from Government at the various events of the social calendar. Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain chaperoned his debutante niece to weekend house parties; Lord Halifax, the Foreign Secretary, lunched with the Headmaster of Eton; Cabinet Ministers encountered foreign Ambassadors at balls in the home of the great hostesses. As the hot summer drew on, the newspapers filled with ever more ominous reports of the relentless progress towards war. There was somebod to do but wait- and dance. The firs season of peace was nearly over.
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Published May 1st 2003 by Phoenix (first published March 13th 1989
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1939: The Last Season
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gave it

Yes, I ’ m having a bit of a binge on books from the B-C shelf.

*chuckle* Maybe this book was de Courcy ’ s pat of teaching a bit of British history to the sort of people who read celebrity gossip magazines and who fawn over the rich and famous?

gave it

( As a side note, the " appeasement " did give the British { and French } another year in which to prepare for war.) De Courcy, an excellent riter, looks at all levels of society, while focusing on the royal family and the upper-classes, who went through the " Season " of horse races, debutante balls, cricket matches, rowing-at-Henley, etc.At the " Season 's " end, September 1st, Hitler 's troops invaded Poland at Danzig, bringing on war, which was formally declared on September 3rd.

gave it

I am quitting this book.

gave it

And part of how I knew started to suspect that it did n't hold up is that Lambert does the work right in her essa, so the money is situated in context, plus the real meaning of costs surfaces in her conversation with primary sources, like when men talk about how much they dreaded being expected to take the debs out to nightclubs after dances due to the high cost of that ind of evening.I am glad I reread this, but I do n't think I need to read it again.

gave it

There were enough of these that I noticed because I did get them to make me wonder how many were passing me by.But four stars, because it 's one of the few non-fiction books I 've read that I could n't put down, and because the tying together of disparate elements -- medical fads, Chamberlain 's hopes for peace, court fashions, the Kennedy family romping about London, fantastic parties and country-house dinners -- in a way that created a felt sense of life as lived in the eriod.

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