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Published April 16th 2010 by 新潮社 (first published 2010
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1Q84 Book 3 [Ichi-kyū-hachi-yon]
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gave it

Its first printing sold out on the day it was released and sales reached a million within a month.تاریخ نخستین خوانش: روز چهارم ماه آگوست سال 2016 میلادیعنوان: یک کیو هشتاد و چهار ( وان کیو ایتی فور) کتاب سوم؛ نویسنده: هاروکی موراکامی؛ مترجم: معصومه عباسی نتاج‌عمران؛ تهران، آوای مکتوب، 1394؛ در 496 ص؛ شابک جلد 2: 9786007364130؛ موضوع: داستانهای نویسندگان ژاپنی- سده 21 متقاضا برای کتاب به اندازه ‌ای بالا بود که ناشر ژاپنی، نخستین چاپ آن را، از: یکصد هزار، به: چهارصدوهشتاد هزار نسخه، افزایش داد.

همه ی نسخه‌ های جلد نخست و دوم، به محض ورود به بازار به اتمام رسید، در حالیکه خواستاران تنها عنوان کتاب را می‌دانستند، و « موراکامی » از دادن هر گونه اطلاعاتی، درباره ی شاهکار تازه اش خودداری کرده بود.

سومین و آخرین جلد از این سه‌ گانه، نیز به روایت رخ دادهای بین ماه‌های « اکتبر » و « دسامبر » سال 1984 میلادی، می‌پردازد.

در این کتاب نه تنها ماهیت روح مانند « لیتل پیپل » ، بلکه همچنین یک فرقه مذهبی، با آیین‌های هولناک، آشکار می‌شود.

زمانیکه این کتاب با موفقیتی بزرگ روبرو می‌شود، اینگونه به نظر می‌رسد، که داستان در حال، به واقعیت پیوستن است.

« آئو مامه » ، و « تنگو » ، نه تنها به این دلیل، قهرمانان معمولی « موراکامی » هستند.

این ویژگیها، برای « موراکامی » ، شرط‌های مهم و لازم قهرمانانش هستند.

بنابراین، سال موازی داستان « یک کیو هشتادوچهار » ، از روی تصادف، یادآور رمان « 1984 » ، نوشته ی « جورج اورول » نیست، و حرف انگلیسی « کیو » ، در ژاپن مانند شماره « 9 » خوانده می‌شود.

آنچه « تنگو » ، با ویرایش کتاب « عروسکی از هوا » ، انجام می‌دهد، برای « یک کیو هشتادوچهار » نیز بی‌ضرر بوده‌ است.

gave it

We still follow the main two characters from Part 1 and 2, Aomame and Tengo, but in this firs part we have an additional character of Ushikawa who is a rather sinister character and brought a new, darker tone to the story.I think that truly it 's not about the characters themselves within this nove, but rather it 's about the deas, houghts and world that Murakami draws you into.

gave it

If you like Murakami and are amiliar with his more out there, surreal, complex lots and a whole lot of magical ealism, alternative worlds, little people and of course cats, a whole town of cats in this one, themes of loneliness all through the boo, ears, breasts large and small, cooking and of course a love story..

gave it

hings in life do n't necessarily flow over the shortest possible route. ” In my reviewin of books 1& 2 I said " I 'm very much looking forward to finding out if anything gets resolved, if anything starts to make any sense at all, if the star crossed lovers find happiness, what exactly it is that the Little People have planned and the answe to any number of other intriguin and intriguing questions that have been posed throughout, but then if the general theme so far is anything to go by perhaps I will be pondering the meaning for many years to come. " and having now finally finished book 3 I have some nswers, though not necessarily the ones I was looking for.

Murakami opens book 3 with an explicit promise, a romise of finally bringing Aomame and Tengo together, and an implied promise, one of explaining The Little People and yet for 400 pages he dangles the conclusion in front of you, playing with different points of iew, enjoying taunting you with his theory that time is no longer flowing at the same speed from one moment to another, describing one characters version of events but then revealing that everyone else is 4 chapters behind for example.

After enjoying the first 800 pages so much, these 400 pages were very nearly painful to get through and appeared to have little to no meaning.From the opening page there 's a very ifferent feel to the ovel; not just because a third perspective is added to proceedings, but also the new translator gives the writing a different feel or atmosphere.

gave it

I have a thing about big books- I love the sense of accomplishment after completing them, but trying to actually read them in the secon place is where I get stuck because I have that big book fear.I finally picked up Book 3 of 1Q84 this month, after finishing Books 1& 2 all the way back in January when I was doing the# JapaneseJune project with Sabrina, Colleen, and Mercedes.

Tengo was n't so easy in that regar, and I enjoyed his parts in this ook the least, but the overall links with the differen characters made up for this.I felt like I was a detective, working out the clues and noticing little details here and there while reading this.

I think because I went into 1Q84 as a whole with very low expectations ( having heard incredibly mixed things about it), I enjoyed it a hell of a lot les than I would have if I 'd expected great things for it.I would n't necessarily recommend 1Q84 as a starting point with Murakami 's work, as it 's definitely the weirdest book I 've read by him so far, but I would highly recommend it if you 're already a fan or plan to read all of his work anyway.

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