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The month is 1Q84. This is the real world, there is no doubt about that.

But in this world, there are two moons in the skie.

In this world, the fates of two person, Tengo and Aomame, are closely intertwined. They are each, in their own pat, doing something very dangerous. And in this world, there seems no way to save them both.

Something extraordinary is starting.
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Published August 2nd 2012 by Vintage (first published May 28th 2009
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1Q84 parts 1-3 [ichi-kyū-hachi-yon]
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gave it

Aomame, a small-breasted woman, is an assassin who targets men who mistreat women.

Tengo, the large man, and Aomame, the small-breasted woman, once held hands as children, and although they have not seen each other in the thirty years since, they are still soul mates.

Tengo, when he is not teaching math or writing, misses Aomame, the small-breasted woman with whom he once held hands.

Aomame, when she is not killing misogynists or lamenting the size of her forehea, misses Tengo, the large man with whom she once held hands.

The normal moon is the moon from 1984, but the other moon, which is small and green, can be seen only in 1Q84, the mysterious other world which is controlled to some degree by the Little People.

Tengo has a recurring memory from when he was an infant of seeing a woma who was not his father suckle at Tengo ’ s mother ’ s forehead.

gave it

What blows my mind is that Murakami felt he needed 900+ pages to drag this whole shebang out.

I read the book, did n't like it and expressed it all in a review.

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On Octobe 31 2014 Goodreads honored my request and locked this review.2.

I am grateful that Goodreads honored my request and even though I am unawar of the setting that blocks non-friends from commenting on my revie that still seems to me to be an extreme option.

I 'm not averse to non-friends commenting on my revie.

gave it

So I 've decided to read a ook from my " long list " alongside the ARCs/new releases I 'm currently reading.

I enjoyed the storie and the character, especially Aomame, who is a total badass and spends her spare time disposing of men who are violent towards women.It 's really hard to explain what it 's about.

Well, I guess that about su it up.The story moves between the perspective of Aomame who " offs " abusive men, and Tengo who is an aspiring autho.

As parts of Air Chrysalis start to bleed into reality, we see that this might not be the world it always was; that at some point, something changed, and 1984 became 1Q84.I 'm not going to lie to you- I have never read a 1100+ page book that did n't waffle on in parts, and this one is no exception.

For a ook that gets up to its neck in the whimsical and otherworldly, it was pleasing yet strange to see it all come back to a love story.

gave it

One of my favorit lin from one of my favorite of these few reviews is as follows, from theatlantic.com: " It 's ard to believe that some of the critics praising 1Q84 did n't really feel, at times, like throwing the book in the ir and walking away.

Putting the nothingness of the book aside, there are plenty of other, more frustrating issues to contend with.These are a handfu of the roblems I personally had with 1Q84: Aomame comes across as a flat, two-dimensional character whose main purpose is to serve as ( an older male) fantasy.

This would not be an issue if it appeared to serve any purpose towards her character development- but it does n't.

( To clarify again- Aomame does n't particularly want to have sex with the other gir at all.) This ( sterotypically) male " fantasy " further continues as the reader is told severa times how she is attracted only to much older men with receding hairlines, and proceeds to detail each of these sexual encounters.

Aomame is in no way empowered by the depiction of her sex life, instead she is an object- a pornagraphic object, again apparently designed for the titillation of the reader.If it 's in the best interest of the essa in question, I am perfectly ok with reading about bigoted characters, or even books written by riters with an obvious agenda that clashes with my own philosophies, if the nove is ood, and provokes thought.

There is the " older married girlfriend " who serves no purpose other than to be a sexual object for Tengo ( she does n't even have a name); there is the police woman who befriends Aomame and constantly wants sex with her though she is self-declared " completely straight " ( and appears to serve no other purpose in the ook- she is n't grappling with her sexuality, this is n't an exploration of multifaceted queerness or a critique of the heteronormative structures that this character exists within, she simply is there to have girl-on-girl sex without the omplications of actual character development); and even with Fuka-Eri more attention was spent on the shape of her breasts than on her merits as a person or writer.

( view spoiler) [ I will also admit that I grew very, very tire of every conversation she had with Tengo being punctuated by lines such as " she said to him, massaging his scrotum in her hands. " ( hide spoiler) ] As with Aomame 's segments, the sex all truly appears to serve no purpose, and is crudely written at that, meaning it all comes across as both needlessly pornographic, and incredibly boring, two things good writing- and good sex- should never be.

When Tengo is not having dull sexual encounters with his older married girlfriend, he mostly wanders around not doing anything.

After he had finished reading the book out loud and in minute detail, Tengo made dinner and went to bed.

But that was fine with Tengo because he liked sex with his older married girlfriend very much.

He did n't even mind that sex with his older married girlfriend was a sometimes a distraction from his writing work.

I 'm retty confiden that if all the moments of needless, boring repetition were removed, the boo would come well under the 500 page mark- but then the appalling details and lack of plot would have something to hide behind at all! The characters reactio to verything were utterly implausible to me.

gave it

I just finished 1Q84 and already I 've begun to notice strange peculiarities in the world around me.

It 's just the residual effect of Murakami 's prose, I tell myself.

And suddenly I appeared there with him in my dream.

Anyways, we just talked all night about 1Q84, about Tengo and Aomame, the star-crossed, NO moon-crossed lovers.

We talked about the people they knew and loved.

We discussed Fuka-Eri and the strange cult, Sakigake, she escaped, and the stranger story she wrote that Tengo had been hired to ghostwrite: Air Chrysalis.

How they just appear strangely and build the elusive Air Chrysalis.

And, utimately, what 's inside it? But more than anybody, as I looked up into the eye of the woma I adored, we spoke of love.

How this is above all A Love Story, and an unbelievably hopeful one at that.

Christopher Dean looks normal to me now.

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