2 Sisters

With all the beauty and precision of an enigma machine, Matt Kindt takes readers deeper into the world of spies than ever before, telling an ambitious chronicle of espionage from ancient Rome to World War I. 2 Sisters is at once a fanciful spy thriller full of codes, gadgets, and cyanide capsules and the heartbreaking story of Elle and Anne, whose shared past and secrets return when Elle is recruited into His Majesty 's service as a ci agent.

From the creator of Super Spy, and the rtist and co-creator of Pistolwhip and Mephisto ( with Jason Hall) comes a World War II spy thriller that spans both continents and centuries. From England to Spain, from ancient Rome through the perio of pirates and buccaneers, this is the backdrop for the unique stor of two isters, their elationship, and the ecrets they share.
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Published September 29th 2015 by Dark Horse Originals (first published July 20th 2004
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2 Sisters
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gave it

I picked this up and was definitely looking forward to the read.The graphic novel definitely has a style and the design of the novel makes it a beautiful piece.The story is non linear and the narrative moves back and forth a few torylines that tie up in the nd.

gave it

But, in reaso, this seemingly crude style only serves to enhance the atmosphere and feel of a stor told mostly in pictures proving that a picture is worth, if not a thousand words, certainly a great many if done to match the story being told.

Through the se of this slightly off-kilter and sparse art, Kindt conveys the essenc of boredo and isolation that these me are feeling as well as their ability to overcome this to not only save themselves from dire situations but to overcome even the worst circumstances even if the outcome is not perfect.This graphic novel is fairly long at over 300 pages and it would be tempting and certainly easy to flip through 2 Sisters quickly but you really shouldn ’ t.

gave it

Some hate his sketchy art, some hate his dialogue, some hate his fragmented, disjointed storytelling, interweaving all these different story threads, but for all these hings, I like him.

The tories include a Greek cup 's journey through history ( this is the image that we follow throughout the memoi, a hing that ties all of the tories together), a female pirate, and a man in London during WWI sending money back to her mother -- that eventually ( after a shor and potentially confusing time, maybe) intersect.

Maybe with Kindt it is because he is pushing the medium, forcing himself to use visual images primarily to tell his story.

And I admit I am every time I read a Kindt story a little lost at first; I have to reread to get the links.

The cup makes its way through all places and times and stories, and that is unusual, though it 's just an image that ties things together, finally.

… but it makes you work harder than most spy stories or pirate tales, so I would say it ai n't kid stuff.

Not veryone is convinced that you can tell complicated spy thrillers with very few words, depending for your interpretation on almost exclusively images, but I say if you pay attention to the photograph and do n't just skip ahead ( as most readers do with description) to the dialogue, you 'll see, he 's teaching you how to read images and giving you clues toward coherence.

Some people hate Kindt 's sketchy art, but that is as I see it consistent with the narrativ, it is minimalist, using as little as possible to tell the tale.

gave it

Artwork was great, even though sometimes I would n't understand who 's who and if I saw that person again before or hey, do I know this girl?

gave it

The stor- a Greek cup 's journey through history, a female pirate, and a oman in London during WWI sending money back to her sister- remain independent for a ong time but do eventually intersect.

So although the cup may seem like the main theme, what we really have are stories of survival and strength by women through history.The art is sketchy, angular and surprisingly simple- making it at times impossibl to interpret.

If a reader is n't following carefully, a lot of the lot and characters' actions will be mystifying.2 Sisters is a ook that really shows its depth and nuance the more it is read.

This is n't for the casual reader who wants to peruse, get an easy payoff, and then chuck; it really gets better and better with rereads.There is a lot of tory here and it may seem too many tangents if not read carefully.

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