2 States: The Story of My Marriage

Love marriages around the world are simple: Boy loves girl. Girl loves boy. They get married. In India, there are a few more steps: Boy loves Girl. Girl loves Boy. Girl 's family has to love boy. Boy 's family has to love irl. Girl 's Family has to love Boy 's Family. Boy 's family has to love irl 's family. Girl and Boy still love each other. They get married.

Welcome to 2 States, a tory about Krish and Ananya. They are from two different states of India, deeply in love and want to get married. Of course, their parents do n't agrees. To convert their love story into a love marriage, the couple have a tough battle in front of them. For it is difficult to fight and rebel, but it is much easier to convince. Will they make it?

From the writer of blockbusters Five Point Someone, One [email protected] the Call Center and The 3 Mistakes of My Life, comes another witty tale about inter-community marriages in modern india.
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Published October 8th 2009 by Rupa & Co
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Two States
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gave it

Chetan Bhagat makes a statement in one of the ialogues about his writing ambitions: " to write tories about ordinary people, to not be preachy, and to let the stor be the heroes instead of the protagonists. " He succeeds in one thing: the character are zombies.Here is a quick sample of the scintillating prose:>> Click here for a better resolution picture>>

gave it

Above all, this is most certainly not meant for I-am-a-Punju-and-I-rock or the I-am-Tam-Brahm-and-we-are-the-best-there-can-be.This is a memoi for those looking for some entertainment; those who can laugh at themselves; those who can derive amusement from minor observations made by the author; ones who can understand that the poe is stretching the truth here and there….and enjoy the story, nevertheless. ( For those who came in late) This is the ourth novel by Chetan Bhagat, who has virtually created a new subgenr of novels and authors in the Indian scene.This is the love storie of Krish ( a Punju from Delhi) and Ananya ( a Tamil Iyer from Chennai).

Surely, there would be some hyper-sensitive Tams and Punjus piling curses upon this book and its author.

gave it

There are two ypes of fiction books written by Indian authors- 1.

The final scene of the book plays out like a standard 1990s B grade Bollywood movie- pretty girl saves the day, everyone loves her.

After having recently watched Kai Po Che, I 'd have to say Bhagat is probably better suited to screenplay than books.

I can see why he fell in love with her and chose to write this book about their marriage.

gave it

For ppl who are not aware of the Indian Marriage system it might be Informative but at the same time lil awkward since yo may not relate to Most of the things said in the Book.And there are many things which cud have been given a Backspace- e.g The bad words used by the Auto wala.

gave it

Now the 4th Book- 2 States is actually so typical, there have been 100s of movies made already, the situations and characters are most predictable and shallow.

But when I started reading it- even though our life had its quota of dramatic situations& characters, especially with me the drama queen being a part of it- the book seemed so far from reality.

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