200 Ripple Stitch Patterns: Exciting Patterns To Knit And Crochet For Afghans, Blankets And Throws

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Published June 5th 2018 by Search Press
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gave it

It ’ s convenient to see how patterns look in solid vs stripe, different number of rows per color change etc.

So, even though about half the ook is irrelevan to me, I find the remainder useful as a reference and inspiration for making items using ripples.

gave it

This section also includes a list of US and UK pattern abbreviations and a guide to the symbols used in the book for pattern ease, yarn types, and to indicate if the pattern is knit ( 2 needles) or crocheted ( a hook) .Colour is a 1-page section that provides an overview of color theory along with tips for choosing project colors.Texture is a 1-page section that talks about incorporating smooth, lace, and textured stitches into your projects.Yarn is a 2-page section that provides an overview of yarn weights and gauge.The next section is the stitch collection.

Each pattern includes the name, the pattern difficulty ( on a scale of 1, 2, or 3), whether the stitch is knit or crochet, any special abbreviations used in the pattern, a phot of a swatch, and both the number and a list of colors used in the pattern.

Each of the project patterns includes a rief introduction, suggestions for working in knit or crochet, and tips for choosing a stitch pattern and combining colors.

I find myself coming to this book again and again for inspiration, even though I have other ripple stitch guides.The tips that are included in the pattern sections.

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