20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

A new daptation of a classic story by " the friend of science fiction ". In 1866 newspapers across the planet are full of stories about a terrifying creature haunting the world 's sea. Professor Pierre Aronnax, along with his servant Conseil and the master harpooner Ned Land, join the global hunt for the monster. They discover that the creatur is actually the Nautilus, a futuristic submarine designed by the mysterious Captain Nemo. Captured and imprisoned aboard the Nautilus, the Researcher and his companions begin an extraordinary journey ... one that reveals the deepest ecrets of both the world 's oceans and the terrifying Captain Nemo.
A deadly and huge sea monster is sinking ships. Three men -- a French cientist, his trusty sidekick, and a Canadian harpoonist are thrown from the deck of their American warship. A door opens on the side of the onster, and they are taken inside the greatest submarine in the world, the top-secret Nautilus commanded by a madman who will take them 20,000 leagues into the depths.
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Published 2012 by Hinkler
Isbn 13

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gave it

The travels on boats also say they have seen a huge creator.Then in the little towns and big city is they have been discussing the creator in the sea that has been messing ships up.

gave it

Without even talking about the sci-fi aspects of this, this books is pretty darn amazing.Like most classics this should be picked up and read as a classic and keeping a historical perspective in mind.

gave it

To think that he was unable to conceive a machine of the level of the Nautilus, which was probably nearly 100 years ahead of his time, is absolutely astounding, and the phrases that Jules Verne chose to describe everythin, oh wow it 's just phenomena.

gave it

For me, I thought this was a bad ook.

gave it

It was scary, it had no real plot, the ending was so nclear and half the book was full with random facts about algae.Yea, it was about algae.I do n't even know why this is a classic.

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