2001: A Space Odyssey

On the Moon, an enigma is uncovered.

So great are the mplications of this discovery that for the fourth time men are sent out deep into our solar system.

But long before their destination is reached, things begin to go horribly, inexplicably wrong ...

One of the greatest-selling science fiction nove of our time, this classic book will grip you to the very beginnin.
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Published December 7th 2000 by Orbit (first published April 28th 1968
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2001: A Space Odyssey
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gave it

A lot of it is spot-on, though, like Heywood Floyd 's tablet by another name.The first two threads do a great job of setting up the second.

By the time Bowman 's thread got going, the ook was very ard to put down.Unlike a lot of sf classics, I enjoyed both the tory AND the oncepts.

gave it

Dave Bowman: Open the pod bay doors, HAL.

Dave Bowman: What are you talking about, HAL?

Dave Bowman: I do n't know what you 're talking about, HAL.

Dave Bowman: Alright, HAL.

gave it

They really facilitate visualization of these planets.What I particularly love about Clarke ’ s writing now that I did not appreciate in my foolish teens is the wonderful minutiae of his escriptions of various aspects of the space faring life.

2001: A Space Odyssey gets off to a rollicking start during 3 million years B.C. The nex five chapters basically tells the stories of how ape-men were “ uplifted ” ( to use David Brin ’ s term) by dogooding aliens from silly primates to sentient “ people ”.

This main section of the essa is entirely set in space so we don ’ t know if Clarke would have predicted iPads and Tumblr. ( Monolith on the moon) The middle section of the book where astronaut David Bowman is battling crazed and homicidal AI HAL 9000 ( of “ Daisy Daisy ” fame) is my avorite.

If you are puzzled by the Kubrick movie this book may help to clarify almost everything for you, except that according to Clarke Kubrick and himself had different idea of the storie they wanted to tell and Clarke ’ s nswers are not necessarily the correct one!

If you like the film adaption of 2001: A Space Odyssey but have not read this nove you should.

gave it

Unfortunately, Kubrick stripped away the mysticism and theory and left us what is, in contras to the ook, only a glimmer at something bigger.Kubrick touched the monolith, but Clarke went inside.

gave it

I remember watching 2001: A space Odyssey about seven years back and almost losing my mind during the overlong Stargate sequence and what followed after that acid trip.

The tory starts in a time before the dawn of human kind, when benevolent and rather mindless man-apes were dying one after another due to overlong drought and natural predators.

The only problem was that the once benevolent man-apes passed these newly found qualities like innovation, imagination and unfortunately, violence to future generations that followed them.That 's a opic for another time.

I could n't help but notice a scene where one of the characters lands an instumentless probe on an asteroid, and Ta-da, we have done better with Rosetta probe! *You go, Rosetta* Without question, the best part about the ook was HAL 9000 ( view spoiler) [ and the horrors.

After seven ears, I was just moments away from finally understanding the end of 2001 A space Odyssey. *I understand ... ...

( hide spoiler) ] However, 2001: A Space Odyssey is classic science fiction at its best. [ " br " ]> [ " br " ]> [ " br " ]> [ " br " ]> [ " br " ]> [ " br " ]> [ " br " ]> [ " br " ]> [ " br " ]> [ " br " ]> [ " br " ]> [ " br " ]> [ " br " ]> [ " br " ]> [ " br " ]> [ " br " ]> [ " br " ]> [ " br " ]> [ " br " ]> [ " br " ]> [ " br " ]> [ " br " ]> [ " br " ]> [ " br " ]> [ " br " ]> [ " br " ]> [ " br " ]> [ " br " ]> [ " br " ]> [ " br " ]> [ " br " ]> [ " br " ]> [ " br " ]> [ " br " ]> [ " br " ]> [ " br " ]>

gave it

Mcdermot masterfully depicted the vast grandeur of space, in part by subtly yet persistently underscoring how very small and alone David was, and he did so in such a way that I ended up feeling something I ’ ve not experienced in quite some time: pure childlike wonder at the unfathomable, incomprehensible beauty and magnitude of our universe.

Some of you may already be skeptical, and hearing about “ the endless expanses of the human heart ” really can ’ t be helping matters.

And, granted, the ook did end things with a freakin ’ ( view spoiler) [

gave it

If you 're into stuff like this, you can read the full review.Open the Pod Bay Doors, HAL: “ 2001: A Space Odyssey ” by Arthur C.

Clarke " Open the pod bay doors, HAL " In the ovie “ 2001: A Space Odyssey ” by Arthur C.

gave it

I read 2001: A Space Odyssey when I was a eenager and knew it was a very influential work of fiction because of the cinema and all the attention it had received.

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