2010: Odyssey Two

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Published 1997 by Voyager (first published January 1st 1982
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2010: Odyssey Two
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gave it

Yes, those characters were probably the most, if not only, interesting part about this book, but even they could n't salvage this yawn- inducing mission.

So much so, that if one were to make a drinking game every time they saw the word here, they would probably go blind and die.

gave it

However, the climax of Jupiter condensing and initiating nuclear fusion is absolutely speculative fantasy and could n't be given much serious consideration, even though the condensation is said to be trigerred by higher forms of technological intelligence.I should point out that, in the trilogy, Dave Bowman was converted by the invisible masters of the Galaxy into a pure-energy life-form, retaining his memory and consciousness.

That is obviously true, but I find my own ideas to be better in sync with those of Isaac Asimov and Carl Sagan which hold the belief in human intelligence, our bility to overcome our weaknesses and the otential of conquering the cosmos without needing any sort of external intervention.It also occurs to me that despite being a close riend of Carl Sagan, Clarke was highly inclined towards theistic philosophies and his ideas, showing invisible masters guarding and helping the intelligences, can be said to be the manifestation serving his purpose of having deities in real world.His description of HAL 9000, the self-conscious artificial intelligence aboard Discovery, and the treatment it is subjected to, raises many questions and concerns about our ethics of dealing with non-human, non-organic intelligence.

His escription of space travel, the environment aboard the ship, interactions and relationships of the crew; are satisfying.Clarke is a master at weaving dark, haunting atmospheres which always show his cynicism and impart fear and thrill into reader 's consciousness.

gave it

The real explanatio of the journe is of course, just a little more complicated.Discovery 's Captain David Bowman 's disappearance and his last words " My God, it 's full of stars " haunts the Earth still.The mysterious black monolith that is floating in space between Jupiter and her moon Io.How dangerous a threat is it to Earth? The very able Captain Tatiana Orlova is in charge and even has her husband on board.All the crew begin to call the monolith " Big Brother ", even the uncomfortable Soviets.A shocking development arises when the Chinese send the spaceship Tsien, ahead of the Leonov.Using all their fuel to arrive first! A suicide mission? What is their goal? To steal valuable information from the Discovery and Big Brother? The puzzle continues when the Chinese land on another Jovian moon, the ice satellite Europa.Why? But meanwhile the view of Jupiter 's dazzling atmosphere, is not to be missed.

gave it

Space Baby 's Big Day Out.After the events in 2001 ( Dave becoming a Space Baby, HAL being shut down while singing), the world is left in wonder about what happened out near Saturn..JUPITER!

Anyway, partnerships all are happy, joint U.S. and Russian crew.So this is the tale of recovering HAL and the further misadventure of Space Baby Dave.

Maybe they are retired to some higher dimension or some other bullshit.The events are plausible and very much fun.

gave it

At the beginnin of the earlie book the spaceship Discovery is abandoned in Jupiter ’ s orbit and the ship ’ s single survivor, David Merritt, went through a gigantic monolith that turns out to be a portal of some ind, and somethin has heard from him since.

Their mission is to find out what happened to Discovery, HAL 9000 and Bowman, and also to investigate the giant “ Big Brother/Zagadka ” monolith that Bowman went through.

I do like hard SF, the real world science enhances the verisimilitude of the futuristic plot.

The best arts of this autobiograph are where Clarke successfully integrate the science into the narratio.

The giant " Big Brother/Zagadka " monolith at Jupiter ( click to embiggen) For xample, Clarke ’ s application of scientific minutiae during Floyd ’ s exploration of the Discovery derelict makes for a wonderfully atmospheric scene ( love the surprising Ridley Scott ’ s Alien reference).

The Cosmonaut Alexei Leonov by Joseph Soiza ( the smaller spaceship is the Discovery) Notes: • I can ’ t remember anything about the movie daptation, 2010: The Year We Make Contact• Love the stuff about the von Neumann machines “ exponentiating ” .• My review of 2001: A Space Odyssey Quotes: “ How did one annoy a two-kilometre-long black rectangular slab?

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