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You 've probably found your way to this page because you read a lot and review what you read on goodreads. If so, here 's your chance to review your entire 2015 reading and reviewing history and post it under this title so that others can see what your reading year was like. Together, all the reviews should make an nteresting and varied collectio of books to inspire other readers in 2016.

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gave it

Speaking personally I 'm sorry to see the back of it, but let 's talk about books ... THE YEAR IN FICTION – THE GOOD STUFFI got round to a few famous books which delighted me and some that were more like shoving your hand in a toaster or finding yourself in that pothole in The Descent which I will come to in a moment.

Perec.The Whites was a good solid Richard Price police proceduralI was stunned by This Way for the Gas, Ladies and Gentlemen ( Tadeusz Borowski), as I knew I would be& had been putting off reading it for years because I knew it would be tough tough tough.Troubles by J G Farrell – I thought this was going to be worthy and earnest – all about the Irish troubles ( you know- boring)- it was othing like that, it was a HOOT and totally totally delightful ( this was the “ lost Booker Prize winner ”) London Belongs to Me by Norman Collins from 1945 – the find of the month, a real treasure – also one which daunted me to begin with, at 730 pages – but it ’ s fast& soapy& lovely and as English as it ’ s potential to getA reread of Breakfast at Tiffany 's got me in the mood to read a big biography of Capote, called Capote, then watch Capote the movie, then watch Infamous, the other movie about the exact same thing as Capote, i.e. the creation of In Cold Blood.

And a surprising – nay, shocking – book of short stories I LOVED called I Love Dollars by Wen Zhu which had been on my ( real life) shelf for some months, so those unread books you already have might be just the thing you ’ re looking for! There were extremely-only-okay novels which as usual came wreathed with gushes from The Pope, Bruce Springsteen, Philip Roth and Stephen Hawking and even more important people in other words the usual suspicious overpraise – these wereThe First Bad Man by Miranda July ( you can skip it but you must see her movie Me and You and Everyone we Know which is the real deal) Dept of Speculation ( Jenny Offill) – was like an x-ray of an actual novelThe Wallcreeper by Nell Zink ( no, Nell Zink is not the Second Coming) Girl at War by Sara Novic ( people other than me will love this one) Did you ever have a Family by Bill Clegg ( well….

It wasn ’ t goo, you know, but I really don ’ t want to be hoodwinked into reading not bad novels – I know, my own fault) THE YEAR IN FICTION – THE REALLY BAD STUFFSometimes you just find yourself in the wrong boo.

gave it

I didn ’ t hink people would actually want to read what I had to say, but it turns out a few did.

Sometimes I feel like I only read so I can post a review on here praising ( or criticising) the nove.

This last year I ’ ve discovered some truly great books.

This led to me, naturally, wanting to read more great books.

I began the year with a list around one hundred books long.

I know I ’ m very young, but I know now that I will never have enough time to read all the ooks on my list.

I know now that I will die with an incredibly long reading list.

How very morbid of me, though what I mean to say is that I will never stop reading or buying books.

I ’ m probably preaching to the choir here, but books just rule, reading rules!

I did not expect to like either: Watchmen- I ’ ve been somewhat graphic novel phobic for a while, and when I read this I knew I that I ’ d been a fool.

And now it ’ s time for the damn right ugly; it is time for those rotten and nasty books that truly made me wince.

Well, I went and got it back out afterwards, but it ’ s the closest I ’ ve ever got to getting rid of a ook.

I intend to read a lot of science fiction, and a few graphic novels.

I ’ ve got a lot of books lined up, but we all know what happens with book lists: they explode in our faces and become so big that there ’ s no time to read it all!

gave it

Cherry# 2- Addicted After All and Long Way Down by Krista& Becca Ritchie ( this is also my MUST READ SERIES of the ear)# 3- Fighting Silence by Aly Martinez# 4- Kick Push by Jay McLean# 5- True Love Way by Mary Elizabeth# 6- Kyland by Mia Sheridan# 7- Walk Through Fire by Kristen Ashley# 8- The Play by Karina Halle# 9- Paper Hearts by Claire Contreas# 10- 321 by JA HussIf I had to title my year of reviewing, I guess I would say it was the year of the INDIES.

gave it

★ Fear Me ★★★★★★ Review: ttps: //goo.gl/gMo3Sb Keiran Master, my# 1 YOUNG alpha.

★ Paper Swan ★★★★★★ Review: htt: //goo.gl/XyHK2h Damian Caballero stole my heart.

★ American Savages ★★★★★★ Review: ttps: //goo.gl/21gBsDLiam Alec Callahan met his match in Melody Nicci Giovanni-Callahan.

★ Virtue ★★★★★★ Review: htt: //goo.gl/OCZwXHOne woman, 2 men.

★ Shhh ★★★★★★ Review: ttps: //goo.gl/aXThzzEpic forbidden romance, the first page took by breath away. “ I nervously laughed, “ What? ” “ Did. You.

★ Sinful ★★★★★★ Review: htt: //goo.gl/t5M7zQYear 1787.

★ Debt ★★★★★★ Review: ttps: //goo.gl/B9ycMgA man on a mission of vengeance. “ There is no version of a story where you walk around this condo with your tits and pussy out that doesn ’ t end in me fucking you. ”

gave it

Here we go again!!! This stats, sums and “ personal awards ” are based solely in the ooks that I was ble to read during 2015, not matter if they were published in that particular year or not.

Best Novel: Dark Places by Gillian FlynnBest Graphic Novel or Comic Book: Daredevil: Born Again by Frank Miller& David MazzucchelliBest Reference/Research, Biography or Non-Fiction: We Don ’ t Need Roads: The Making of Back to the Future Trilogy by Caseen GainesBest Short Story or Anthology: Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Stories that Scared Even Me edited by Alfred HitchcockBest Science-Fiction: Firefight by Brandon SandersonBest Horror: All Hallow ’ s Dead by Bryan SmithBest Detective: Double Indemnity by James .

gave it

And this ear, 2015, I will remember only because of two way: BOOKS& GOODREADS.

And moreover, this year on Goodreads has been very remarkable: I found and made many friends, and most importantly: I 've learned many things from them ( and also: they have been very usefu and generous) .Now, coming to the ooks that I 've read this ear.

Overall, it has been a really wonderful year regarding my reading experience.

gave it

Thank you.READ in 2015All links are to my revie, mostly novels written in the ast 50 years; some feature in more than one category: Books that Inspired a Slightly Different Style of ReviewStill lots of mentions, but muc of a plot summary, and les of an impression or even pastiche, especially: • Weir ’ s The Martian 4*• Calvino ’ s If on a summe ’ s night a traveler 5*• Calvino ’ s Invisible Cities 5*• Borges ’ Collected Fictions 5*• Williams ’ Butcher ’ s Crossing 5*• Bradbury ’ s Fahrenheit 451 5*• Winterson ’ s The Passion 4*• Atwood 's The Heart Goes Last 2*New Favourite AuthorsFour authors I ’ d never read before 2015 ( and one I hadn ’ t even heard of!), but I read and loved a couple of books by each in 2015, purely because of friends' reviews: • John Williams: Stoner 5* and Butcher ’ s Crossing 5*• Kent Haruf: Plainsong 5* and Eventide 5*• Italo Calvino: If on a summe ’ s night a traveler 5* and Invisible Cities 5*• Jorge Luis Borges: Collected Fictions 5* overall, and component collections mostly 5*Honourable mentions to likely new favourite authors, though so far I ’ ve read only one book by each: • John Banville: Ancient Light 5*• Charles Frasier: Cold Mountain 5*• Colm Toibin: Brooklyn 5*I also read and enjoyed my first two Rushdies and first two Sarah Waters ( listed below) .5* and 4* Best Reads of 2015I don ’ t give 5* lightly, but I ’ ve done so often this year, and some of my 4* reads were very close: • Stoner 5*• Cold Mountain 5*• Plainsong 5* • Eventide 5*• Fahrenheit 451 5*• Brooklyn 5*• Invisible Cities 5*• If on a summe ’ s night a traveler 5*• Ancient Light 5*• Butcher ’ s Crossing 5*• Einstein ’ s Dreams 5*• The Strange Library 5*• The Passion 4*• The Paying Guests 4*• The Elegance of the Hedgehog 4*• The Blind Assassin 4*• Letters from a Lost Uncle 4*• The Enchanted April 4*• A Woman of my Age 4*• Midnight ’ s Children 4*• Haroun and the Sea of Stories 4*• The Martian 4*• Orley Farm 4*• The Man Who Loved China 4*• Language Death 4*3* Reads of 2015I default to 3* if I ’ ve enjoyed a book, but seen imperfections as well.

But this ear, I 've barely used my default rating: • Slade House 3*• The Hen Who Dreamed She Could Fly 3*• The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher and Other Stories 3*• Fingersmith 3*1* and 2* Least Enjoyed Reads of 2015These aren ’ t necessarily bad books, but they are ones I didn ’ t enjoy, for reasons explained in each review.

Three consecutive 1* reads was disappointing, but fortunately interspersed with reading Borges ’ stories: • The Shining 1*• The Blue Flower 1*• Kitchen 1*• Lock In 2*• Delusions of Gender 2*• The Heart Goes Last 2*Rereads of Old FavouritesThere are so many books I want to read for the next time, I ’ m more cautious of rereads these days, plus there ’ s the fear they may not be as ood as I remember them.

gave it

It 's got all the bones of a good detective story, but with characters in need of further fleshing out.Naked Heat by Richard Castle ( B+) 78%| Good| ⭐⭐⭐⭐ – 12/05/2015Notes: A complex plot, but seeded well enough that revelations and sudden turns do n't feel grafted, but sprout organically.Heat Rises by Richard Castle ( A-) 80%| Very Good| ⭐⭐⭐⭐ – 12/13/2015Notes: Essentially a spy story dressed up as a murder mystery, its militaristic air and snow globe setting give it a Soviet feel.Frozen Heat by Richard Castle ( A-) 81%| Very Good| ⭐⭐⭐⭐ – 12/21/2015Notes: Wherein photographs, cassettes, and marginalia are artifacts of pre-digital antiquity: Rosetta Stones to a secret world.Deadly Heat by Richard Castle ( A-) 80%| Very Good| ⭐⭐⭐⭐ – 12/31/2015Notes: Wherein light-bulb moments have oral switches, like Password clues, flashing out shadows for targeted retrospection.

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