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gave it

Another Irish Author, besides Boyne, who I discovered this year was ***Niall Williams*** -- Love his writing -- enjoyed a couple of books by him.

Appel " Love " by Hanne Orstavik " Food " by Mark Hyman " Girlish " by Lara Lillibridge " ***Freshwater by Akwake Emezi*** " Sadness Is A White Bird ", by Moriel Rothman ZecherMany thanks for the friendships we share -- Goodreads is a wonderful community -- May 2018 be a beautiful year -- comforting- and restorative!!! Boundless Blessings!!!!!

gave it

like, I could go to detentio and start my own drug ring or marry bill gates or just sit on this bed for the firs 20 years and there is really just no way to know!! but also I 've really wanted to share a bite sized piece of myself with you guys because I know a lot of you must 've formed opinions on me based on my internet presence and that 's completely valid because it 's still an extention of who I am!!

I 've lived on my own for the third time, paid my own rent, did my grocery shopping, found out that laundry is truly a pain in the ass, slept through so many wake up alarms, took so many wrong buses, made genuine connections with so many people, had a crush on a pretty girl with dark matte lipstick& a denim jacket, cried sitting on the bathroom stall of my college, skipped classes to take a depression nap at 11pm, and was n't too surprised to discover that the olor of my kin and my native tongue are good enough for some ppl to define my worth.It was also the year of making my own hoices.

2017 was the year I let myself feel validated in my queerness.

I 've learned that I do n't need to be assigned who I can love and what it is that I can do or cater to the superfluous sort of binary in the way society thinks about gender.

and I am no longer interested in convincing people that how I feel and who I am is valid and as long as I know my truth and what works for me, that ’ s what matters.

2017 was also the year I have come to know so many people here who have such a warm and kind presence that it genuinely brightens my entire day every time I see/talk to them.

rather than you know.2017 was the year I 've learned that the way people treat you is how they feel about you.

that some " friends " only love themselves through you and will only use you as an audience when their thoughts and desire are needed to be injected somewhere, with no relatio to yours.

it 's also the year that taught me that it 's 100% okay to let people go when they support things that I strongly disagree with, especially when their opinions attack a way of life that I participate in.

I ’ m still learning.but I think the greatest lesson this year has taught me is the inability to say " I 'm a brown queer Muslim woman " without a shred of doubt or shame or hatred and that ’ s omething I ’ ll never take for granted.okay.

so naturally, I 'm going to blame it on goodreads ( listen, 90% of my problems can be somehow traced to this website believe me) since I 'm a human slug and thus ca n't afford the energy to write down every single book I 've read this ear ( in this economy?

gave it

I 've thoroughly enjoyed discussing reviews, learning about new authors and books, making new friends, and increasing my TBR up to 13,559! This year I started my own book blog which includes most of my book eviews and much more.

This mont I 've read 418 books after setting my challenge to 400.

The emoirs of Bob Hope 's and Henry Kissinger 's Mind-Controlled SlaveStanding Strong: An Unlikely Sisterhood and the Court Case That Made HistoryFavorite Children 's Reads: The Frightened Little Flower BudThe Little Red WolfThe Secret Life of the Red FoxSwimming with Sharks: The Daring Discoveries of Eugenie ClarkTarra& Bella: The Elephant and Dog Who Became Best FriendsThe Unicorn in the BarnMeatless?: A Fresh Look At What You EatVampyreIvan: The Remarkable True Story of the Shopping Mall GorillaSaving Audie: A Pit Bull Puppy Gets a Second ChanceWoolvs in the SiteeThe Bear ReportEscaping the Nazis on the KindertransportPig the PugMoto and Me: My Year as a Wildcat 's Foster MomWe 're All WondersThe Raven and Other PoemsTuesday Tucks Me In: The Loyal Bond between a Soldier and his Service DogIda, AlwaysFavorite Biography: Otis Redding: An Unfinished LifeWestern: The Wild CountryMilitary/Police Thriller: The PolicewomanFavorite YA: A Monster CallsBeauty and the Beast: Lost in a BookIt Starts With LHearts Are Like BalloonsThe First Time She DrownedCrime Fiction: The Pull and Kick Murder: Competition can be deadlyFavorite Cookbooks: A Really Big Lunch: Meditations on Food and Life from the Roving GourmandMy Mother 's Kitchen: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and the Means of LifeHeal Your Gut with Bone Broth: The Natural Way to get Minerals, Amino Acids, Gelatin and Other Vital Nutrients to Fix Your DigestionEveryDayCookInfuse: Herbal teas to cleanse, nourish and healCultured Food in a Jar: 100+ Probiotic Recipes to Inspire and Change Your LifeChristmas Reads: A Boy Called ChristmasMerry and BrightRonaldo: The Reindeer Flying Academy: Ronaldo the Flying Reindeer children 's book seriesThe Deal of a LifetimeSelf Help: Note to SelfHealing Lyme Disease NaturallyUnfu*k Yourself: Get Out of Your Head and Into Your LifeMost Disliked: The Happiest Mommy You Know: Why Putting Your Kids First is the Nex Thing You Should DoPoetry Books I Enjoyed: The Child of HappinessEater of Mushrooms: A Poetic NovelPiss On It: New And Selected PoemsWhen the Moon Takes Over the Dream: " Love Poetry " My most favorite review I wrote in 2017 was for: Everybody Loves Our Town: An Oral History of GrungeI did roughly 30 author interviews this year and won a handful of giveaways here on Goodreads too.

gave it

Michael ( B+) 77%| Good| ⭐⭐⭐ – 02/14/2017Notes: The writing lacks confidence: drowning narrative in action, cameos and moments, it 's all poster shots and cutscenes.Batman: Battle for the Cowl Companion by Fabian Nicieza, Christopher Yost, David Hine, Royal McGraw and Joe Harris ( B) 74%| More than Satisfactory| ⭐⭐⭐ – 02/20/2017Notes: Closer to a short fiction anthology, its stories are more aptly extensions of other series than the one it 's companion to.Batman: Long Shadows by Judd Winick ( B+) 78%| Good| ⭐⭐⭐⭐ – 02/22/2017Notes: Manifests, in ialogue and allegory, an almost theological dispute about the nature, person and constancy of Batman.Batman& Robin: Batman Reborn by Grant Morrison ( A-) 80%| Very Good| ⭐⭐⭐⭐ – 02/25/2017Notes: A buddy-cop horror show in pulpy technicolor, it finds voice in freakish foes, bloody violence and twisted reflection.Batwoman: Elegy by Greg Rucka ( A-) 81%| Very Good| ⭐⭐⭐⭐ – 03/04/2017Notes: Wherein smokey eyes mean trouble and Mucha-esque art nouveau shines in jagged panels and double-page spreads.Batman: Life After Death by Tony S.

Mitchell ( A-) 82%| Very Good| ⭐⭐⭐⭐ – 03/16/2017Notes: An addictive, offbeat Odyssean quest built on non-linear narrative, splash reveals and pop culture quips and banter.Y: The Firs Man- The Deluxe Edition Book Two by Brian K.

Freema ( A-) 84%| Very Good| ⭐⭐⭐⭐ – 04/23/2017Notes: Its flashbacks shine in muted tones and unshaded, retro art; rooting origin stories in loss, fear and lonesomeness.Y: The Firs Man- The Deluxe Edition Book Five by Brian K.

gave it

Let ’ s be real, 2017 was kind of a garbage fire year for our world, but at least we had some good books!

I had a pretty good reading year!

I ’ m very happy with the 130 books that I read, and I feel like with each year I get better and better at picking out books, and requesting ARCs, that I am please I will at least enjoy, therefore, my average rating tends to get higher and higher.

This ook taught me that girls can be anything they wish to be, no matter the expectations society, family, and anybody else in this world puts on them.

This nove taught the world that we want black stories, from black authors, with black casts, with lack people on the covers… no matter how many old, racist, white dudes continue to get published.

But this book taught me how much more work needs to be done, and how I need to do ore to boost marginalized voices, and how the world eeds to change and it can begin with me and our generation.# 3.) Tyrant 's Throne ( Greatcoats# 4) by Sebastien de Castell

This nove taught me that found families with unconditional love is the most powerful force in any world.

These books mean a lot to me, and I feel so very thankful, privileged, and blessed that I was reluctant to read them all this year.

➽ And the remainder of my avorite books published in 2017: ✨The Language of Thorns: Midnight Tales and Dangerous Magic by Leigh Bardugo✨Down Among the Sticks and Bones ( Wayward Children,# 2) by Seanan McGuire✨Red Sister ( Book of the Descendant,# 1) by Mark Lawrence✨Kings of the Wyld ( The Band,# 1) by Nicholas Eames✨Wild Beauty by Anna-Marie McLemore✨Skullsworn ( Chronicle of the Unhewn Throne 0.5) by Brian Staveley✨Godsgrave ( The Nevernight Chronicle,# 2) by Jay Kristoff✨Oathbringer ( The Stormlight Archive,# 3) by Brandon Sanderson➽ But my favorite ook that I read in 2017 happened to be a 2018 title: ⚔The Cruel Prince by Holly Black! ➽ My Top Five Least Favorite Books Published in 2017: 🙃 Into the Fire ( Night Prince# 4) by Jeaniene Frost🙃 Raven 's Mark: ( The Raven Queen 's Harem# 1) by Angel Lawson🙃 Blood Rose Rebellion ( Blood Rose Rebellion# 1) by Rosalyn Eves🙃 The Ghostwriter by Alessandra Torre🙃 Bad Habit ( Bad Love# 1) by Charleigh Rose➽ My Top 18 Most Anticipated Releas of 2018: 🌟The Cruel Prince ( The Folk of the Air# 1) by Holly Black- January 2nd, 2018 ★★★★★🌟Beneath the Sugar Sky ( Wayward Children# 3) by Seanan McGuire- January 9th, 2018 ★★★★★🌟Iron Gold ( Red Rising Saga# 4) by Pierce Brown- January 16th, 2018🌟The Armored Saint ( The Sacred Throne# 1) by Myke Cole- February 20th, 2018 ★★★★★🌟Heart of Iron by Ashley Poston- February 27th, 2018 ( I have an ARC!) 🌟Children of Blood and Bone ( Legacy of Orïsha# 1) by Tomi Adeyemi- March 6th, 2018 ( I have an ARC!) 🌟High Voltage ( Fever# 10) by Karen Marie Moning- March 6th, 2018🌟The Heart Forger ( The Bone Witch# 2) by Rin Chupeco- March 20th, 2018 ( I have an ARC!) 🌟Dread Nation by Justina Ireland- April 3rd, 2018 ★★★★★🌟Circe by Madeline Miller- April 10th, 2018🌟The Thief ( Black Dagger Brotherhood# 16) by J.R. Ward- April 10th, 2017🌟Grey Sister ( Book of the Ancestor# 2) by Mark Lawrence April 19th, 2018 ( I have an ARC!) 🌟Bloody Rose ( The Band# 2) by Nicholas Eames- April 26th, 2018🌟Magic Triumphs ( Kate Daniels# 10) by Ilona Andrews- May 8th, 2018🌟The Winter of the Witch ( Winternight Trilogy# 3) by Katherine Arden- August 14th, 2018🌟Toil& Trouble: 16 Tales of Women& Witchcraft edit by Tess Sharpe- August 28th, 2018🌟Blanca& Roja by Anna-Marie McLemore- October 9th, 2018🌟The Muse of Nightmares ( Strange the Dreamer# 2) by Laini Taylor- No Date ( If this gets pushed back until 2019 I ’ m actually going to be WEEPING for the est of the new year!) ➽ And the highlight of my year on Goodreads and my blog was just connecting with so many amazing people who love to celebrate their love for reading.

I love you all, but these people truly changed my life this year, and I just wanted to give them a special shout out and you should all follow them ( if you ’ re not) to start your 2018 off right! 💗 Paloma became like my best friend this year, and our Snapchat streak is getting pretty intense.

She ’ s charming, entertaining, my book twin, and gives me the best romance recommendations in the world.💗 Elise was totally along for the ride with me and Destiny ’ s buddy reads, too!

💗 Em is like becoming the biggest reviewer on Goodreads, so I hope she remembers me and my love for her when she ’ s iconi.

Not only does he write the best reviewer, read the best ooks, and shows me so much happiness, he also is one of the most talented people I ’ ve ever met.

Joan has helped me with so many reviews this year, while also doing some amazing buddy reads with me.

Also, me and her have like every book in common and if my 2018 isn ’ t filled with buddy reads with her I ’ m just going to cry the entire year away.

gave it

This review marks the nd of my sixteent year of goodreading!

222 books& 70000 pages= 2017I ’ ve read so many books this year, some great and some terrible, though I ’ ve learnt so much and gained so much.

5. Murakami has wrote some fantastic books.

La Belle Sauvage was the most disappointing book released this year.

:) Happy New year! Blog| Facebook| acebook| Instagram| Academia

gave it

I also took on co-moderating positions in goodreads groups the baseball book group and retro chapter chicks and stayed active in some old favorites including reading for pleasure and catching up on classics and much more.

Remembe you all.From a personal tandpoint, the Cubs did not repeat as World Series champions but I have been ble to keep the memory current by watching videos and through the novel The Cubs Way: The Zen of Building the Best eam in Baseball and Breaking the Curse, which I gave a special mention award to.

So without further ado, my favorit of 2017: Nonfiction: The Vitality of Other Suns: The Epic tory of America 's Great Migration by Isabel WilkersonI Never Had It Made by Jackie Robinson97 Orchard: An Edible History of Five Immigrant Families in One New York Tenement by Jane ZiegelmanShoe Dog: A Boo by the reator of NIKE by Phil KnightThis Is What a Librarian Looks Like: A Celebration of Libraries, Communities, and Access to Information by Kyle CassidyElectric October: Seven World Series Games, Six Lives, Five Minutes of Fame That Lasted Forever by Kevin Cook84, Charing Cross Road by Helene HanffThe Death and Life of the Great Lakes by Dan EganThe Undoing Project: A Friendship That Changed Our Minds by Michael LewisLords of Finance: The Bankers Who Broke the World by Liaquat AhamedPlays: Anna in the Tropics by Nilo CruzSweat by Lynn NottageIncident at Vichy;: A play by Arthur MillerPoetry: The Girl Who Fell from the Sky: Poems by Joy HarjoOlio by Tyehimba JessLife on Mars by Tracy K.

edited byLangston HughesThe Parnas by Silvano ArietiSpecial Mention: The Cubs Way: The Zen of Building the Best eam in Baseball and Breaking the Curse by Tom VerducciDisappointment of the ear: Malinche by Laura EsquivelSome Favorites Read by My Kids: I Do n't Care if We Never Get Back: 30 Games in 30 Days on the Best Worst Baseball Road Trip Ever by Ben Blatt -- seventh graderTheodore Boone: Kid Lawyer and others in series by John Grisham -- seventh graderThe Brooklyn Nine by Alan Gratz -- seventh and fifth gradersMr. Lemoncello 's Great Library Race by Chris Grabenstein -- seventh and fifth gradersThe Mysterious Benedict Society and series by Trenton Lee Stewart -- fifth graderThe Whale Rider by Witi Ihimaera -- fifth graderFrom the Notebooks of a Middle School Princess and series by Meg Cabot -- fifth, third, and first gradersThe Doll People by Ann M.

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