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gave it

What a bad reading year it has been for me.

It was more curiou than the novels I was reading!

Maybe.Babbitt: Sinclair Lewis ( 1922)- Second great Sinclair Lewis book, after Main Street.

Full review to follow.The Dark Room: R K Narayan ( 1938)- It seems R K Narayan found it really hard to write a ad ovel!

The Bluest Eye: Toni Morrison ( 1970)- Contained maybe my favourite uote of the month, where a preacher gets mad and sits down to write a strong letter: Dear GodThe purpose of this letter is to familiarize you with facts which either have escaped your notice, or which you have chosen to ignore.And finally two new-ish ones – last year I asked you all for recommendations of a genre I had only recently discovered, the Modern Western – I had read True Grit followed by The Sisters Brothers and I wanted more….

What I got was a giant volume the size of the New York City Phone Book from 1983.

: Sara Levine ( 2011) I wrote that this ovel is clearly not literature because I had such a good time reading it and I finished it in two ays.

THE LONGESTLongest novel I read this yea was Philip Hensher ’ s The Northern Clemency, 738 large-sized pages.

STATSAccording to Goodreads, the most popular book I read this years was A Christmas Carol by Dickens and the least popular was a study of the Australian film shocker Bad Boy Bubby.

Gee willikins, I have so many real big books I would like to get through.

There are the usual clutch of hefty novels – Lonesome Dove, Our Mutual Friend, Death and Mr Pickwick, there ’ s The David Foster Wallace Reader; and I saddled myself with a cheap but beautiful copy of Three days before the Shooting so there ’ s 1102 pages of that; then the non fiction, sitting on my real life shelves are a huge bio of Virginia Woolf, the encyclopedic Stalin to finish and I just found a handy list of 17 or so great-but-short novels ... not to mention my stack of uncompleted vintage sf anthologies ... VERY GEEKY FINAL NOTEThis was a sheer coincidence and it made me smile when I saw what I ’ d done.

I read MelMOTH ( a novelett) followed by The MOTH ( a collection of stories) followed by Are You my MOTHer?

If only I had decided to read The MamMOTH Book of Vintage Science Fiction next – it was right there on my shelf.Now I might get funny looks if I explained that to any of the eople I know in so-called real life so I ’ m sure I ’ m talking to you not them.

gave it

Click each title to read my review.Best Memoir ( Drama) Carmen Maria Machado- In the Dream House ( 2019) Best Memoir ( Comedy) David Sedaris- Me Talk Pretty One Day ( 2000) Best Movie Novelization Michael McDowell- Clue ( 1985) Best Cult Classic Robert Devereaux- Santa Steps Out ( 1998) Most Fabulous Elizabeth Gilbert- City of Girls ( 2019) Best Short Story Sylvia Plath- Mary Ventura and the Ninth Kingdom ( 1952) Best Classic Remix Ian Doescher- William Shakespeare 's Much Ado About Mean Girls ( 2019) Best Pulitzer Prize Winner Margaret Mitchell- Gone with the Wind ( 1936) Best Politics Pete Buttigieg- Shortest Way Home ( 2019) Best Family Saga Michael McDowell- Blackwater ( 1983) Best Blast from the Past Mrs. Humphry- Manners for Men ( 1897) Best Book About Books Grady Hendrix- Paperbacks from Hell ( 2017) Best Out-of-Print Discovery Shelley Katz- Alligator ( 1977) Best Vintage Comedy Max Shulman- Barefoot Boy with Cheek ( 1943) Best Adventure Michael Rutger- The Anomaly ( 2018) Best '60s Throwback Marilyn Ross- Dark Shadows ( 1966) Best Book on Writing Blake Snyder- Save the Cat ( 2005) Best Bucket List Check-Off Sigmund Freud- The nterpretation of Dreams ( 1899) Best Gothic Series Edwina Noone- The Craghold Legacy ( 1971) Best Reference Text Elsa J.

gave it

So, here we go short lines per book, all five stars and a selection of four stars: FIVE STARS: • The Widows of Malabar Hill and The Satapur Moonstone ( Perveen Mistry# 1 and# 2) by Sujata Massey: Historical series, based in India and UK.

The grande dame of Dutch literature, I love her books.

Every year I read at least one of his ooks and almost always it ’ s 4 or 5 stars.

What a talented poe and such dark stories.

Love love love this series of a troubled British police detective Captain Wyndham in dark and fascinating India.

And a selection of great runnersups FOUR STAR ratings: • The shadows we hide ( Joe Talbert 2), Alan Eskens – first book was better but still a worthy sequel.

• The sentence is death ( Hawthorne 2), Anthony Horowitz – again a worthy sequel, potential to be a great series.

• Whispers underground ( Rivers of London 3), Ben Aaronovitch– weird and fantastic, again a great series to be continued ( I am behind in this series) • The night tiger, Yangsze Choo, great tale told, fascinating• The broken king ( Bull Mountain 0.5), Brian Panowitch, unexpected short story in this great dark series• The dreamers, Karen Thompson Walker, I am reading The age of miracles now by this write and absolutely love her style and stor.

Love this autho, love his long stories.

• Montana, Larry Watson, Great riter, dark crime story beautifully set and told.

• Bad day at the vulture club, Vaseem Khan, love this series about private investigator Chopra, his wife Poppy and baby elephant Ganesha• The aunt who wouldn ’ t die by by Shirshendu Mukhopadhyay – so happy I found this in Waterstones Edinburgh, what a weird and lovely book! • My year of rest and relaxation, Ottessa Moshfegh – Absurd, dramatic, weird and intriguing, what a book…• Miracle Creek, Angie Kim, great dark courtroom read.

gave it

I love looking back over all the great books I discovered, remembering the pleasure they brought me.

I started a list of notable books in each of the categories or genres I read this year- but I ran out of steam and decided to make it short and sweet this year.

Reminder: This list is of the notable books I READ this year- not all of them were PUBLISHED in 2019.

I ’ ve so enjoyed following your updates and reviews this year!

I have also made many new friends this year, from all walks of life, and I ’ ve enjoyed getting to know every single one of you through the ooks we share.

I hope we can continue to connect in the coming year and am looking forward to sharing our reading journey together.

I hope anyon who is a part of my Goodreads family will have a marvelous, healthy, safe, and prosperous Happy New Year!!

gave it

In the roup, we integrated Little Rock Central High School, became the First oman on the Appeal Court, met the Cat in the at, conquered Polio, traveled across the Lone Star State, celebrated the 50th anniversary of Sesame Street, and learned about Theodore Roosevelt from a new angle in A Strenuous Life.

In the Baseball Book Club, I took it upon myself to celebrate the 00th anniversary of Jackie Robinson ’ s birth by reading Opening Day by Jonathan Eig, Child of a Dream: A emoir by Sharon Robinson, When Baseball Went White by Ryan Swanson, and Teammates by Peter Golonbock.

We read about the 100th anniversary of the Black Sox Scandal and then about how a Big Fella saved baseball during the 1920s.

Over the summer we observed the 50th anniversary of the turbulent 1960s, discussing the Year of the Pitcher, The Collision of the eighties and the Los Angeles Dodgers, and visited baseball ’ s Southern League.

Until opening day, there will always be plenty of baseball reading material to keep us busy as well as chatting with good friends who love America ’ s pastime.

utside of both groups, I rekindled my love of biographies and memoirs, a favorite genre from the time I was a dadd.

Standing out, I learned to combine Mind and Matter, that Yale needed women fifty years ago, how Gander, Newfoundland is among the most giving places on this eart, and that in 1978 a group of girls in a own I know well won a State title.

My journey included trips to the Berlin Wall, a ellow House in New Orleans, and visiting with a Girl Scout who became a rocket scientist, the brother of a money runner, and a ollege professor preserving her family history for her three daughters in the poignant In the Country of Women.

I also reminisced with celebrities in their memoirs Home Work, My Grandmothe Was Nuts, and We ’ re Going to Need More Wine.

And, I found time to laugh out loud with Tina Fey and Kevin Hart as I learned how they journeyed to the comedic lives that they now enjoy.

During this nonfiction year, I still had time to read favorite authors including John Steinbeck, Truman Capote, Agatha Christie, Carson McCullers, Doris Kearns Goodwin, Nicole Krauss, Jacqueline Woodson, and reread To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. I discovered new favorites Colum McCann and nonfiction authors Tom Reiss, Timothy Egan, and Ryan Swanson who is a kindred spirit in our shared love of baseball and history.

I immersed myself in Hamilton: The Revolution and traveled to The Heights, and, ast, but definitely not least, I fell in love with the recollections of nonagenarian Harry Bernstein.

I enjoyed participating in groups The Baseball Book Club, the Nonfiction Book Club, Reading for Pleasure, and Catching Up on Classics ( and lots more!).

Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie ( reread) Contemporary ( less than 50 years) 1.

Pounding the Rock: Basketball Dreams and Real Life In a ronx High School by Marc Skelton 8.

The National Team: The Inside tory of the Me Who Changed Soccer by Caitlin Murray12.

The King and Queen Of Malibu: The True Story for the Battle for Paradise by David .

Polio: An American Story by David E.

Boom Town: The Fantastical Saga Of Oklahoma City, It ’ s Chaotic Founding, It ’ s Apocalyptic Weather, It ’ s Purloined Basketball Team, and the Dreaming Of Becoming a World Class Metropolis by Sam Anderson20.

The Girl of Winter: The Untold Storie of a oach, a ream, and the 1980 U.S. Olympic Hockey Team by Wayne Coffey 28.

The Strenuous Life: Theodore Roosevelt and the Making of the American Athlete by Ryan SwansonBaseball Book Club Reads1.

Cloudbuster Nine: The Untold Storie Of Ted Williams and the Baseball Team The Helped Win World War II by Anne R.

The Pittsburgh Cocaine Seven: How a Ragtag Group Of Fans Took the Fall for Major League Baseball by Aaron Skirboll 10.

Jack Robinson West: The Triumph and Tragedy of America ’ s Favorite Little League Team by George Castle 15.

Wife of Havana: A Baseball Journey from Cuba to the Big Leagues and Back by Luis Tiant16.

Home Game: Big League Stories From My Life in Baseball ’ s irst Family by Bret Boone with Kevin Cook17.

Southern League: A True tory Of Baseball, Civil Rights, and the Southern League ’ s Most Compelling Pennant Race by Larry Colton27.

Opening Day: The tory of Jackie Robinson ’ s First Season by Jonathan Eig 31.

Teammate: My Journey in Baseball and a World Series for the Ages by David Ross with Don Yeager32.

When Baseball Went White: Reconstruction, Reconciliation, and Destin of a National Pastime by Ryan A.

Invisible Wall: A Love Story of Breaking Barriers by Harry Bernstein4.

The Dream: A emoir by Harry Bernstein 26.

The Golden Willow: A Retellin of a Lifetime of Love by Harry Bernstein 27.

y Life, My ove, My Legacy by Coretta Scott King as told to Reverend Dr. Barbara Reynolds28.

Child of the Dream: A Book of 1963 by Sharon Robinson34.

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