2030: The Real Story of What Happens to America

Is this what ’ s in store?

June 12, 2030 started out like any other day in memory—and by then, memories were long. Since cancer had been cured fifteen years before, America ’ s population was aging rapidly. That sounds like good news, but consider this: millions of baby boomers, with a big natural predator picked off, were sucking dry benefits and resources that were never meant to hold them into their ighties and beyond. Young people around the country simmered with resentment toward “ the olds ” and anger at the treadmill they could never get off of just to maintain their parents ’ entitlement programs.

But on that June 12th, everything changed: a massive earthquake devastated Los Angeles, and the authoritie, always teetering on the dge of bankruptcy, was nable to respond.

The fallout from the earthquake sets in motion a sweeping novel of ideas that pits national hope for the future against assurances from the past and is peopled by a memorable cast of refugees and billionaires, presidents and revolutionaries, all struggling to find their way. In 2030, the uthor ’ s all-too-believable imagining of where today ’ s challenges could lead us tomorrow makes gripping and thought-provoking reading.
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Published May 10th 2011 by St. Martin's Press
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2030: The Real Story of What Happens to America
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gave it

The month is 2030, the first Jew has been elected to the U.S. presiden, the national debt has spiraled to insurmountable depths, and because cancer has been cured, the elderly are living longer, draining tax dollars and straining the health care ystem, which has created a civil war, of sorts, between the young and the " olds. " And just when things could not possibly look more grim, a devastating earthquake rocks Los Angeles, reducing the city of angels to mere ash and dust.

The multiple story lines were each well-defined and engrossing, with just enough character development to make me care about what was going to happen to each.Brooks' decades of experience in film and television are notably present in his se of dialog, which is smooth and natural.

This was a breath of fresh air.In the end, the panache with which the story moved, wanes a little, not finishing quite as energetically as it could have, but the story does resolve naturally, without feeling forced.2030 is a grand freshman effort by Albert Brooks, and should be read with careful consideration, as the picture Brooks paints is not so farfetched.

gave it

The novel starts off strong- we 're in the future, hyperinflation and overpopulation has placed incredible roadblocks in the ay of the younger generations' path to happiness while baby boomers keep living longer.

Reece just comes right out and tells you that so-and-so feels this way and this is what it means.

gave it

I thought the author was just another guy with the same name as the actor and I guess I was n't listening to NPR the day they reviewed 2030.

Kinda spooky.I was expecting all kinds of unforeseen disasters, or even minor setbacks, consequences of some sort, to the Chinese/American business partners in rebuilding LA.

I thought Clyde and Brad were oddly selfish and I thought Stewar was doing that on purpose to show how the older generation had a trong ense of obligatio and were always expecting the government to jump in with cash to solve any problem, but maybe I misinterpreted it.

gave it

once past the first 50 pages, the nove becomes a looooong lecture with a few events thrown in.to service the plot, Brooks trots out a large cast of characters who briefly threaten to become 3D and then retreat into cardboard cutouts.

read it if you want to be lectured for a few hundred pages and then have the author tellin you to fuck off and leave him alone.

gave it

this essa is just about, well, us; Americans today, right now: what we think about, what we do, what we fear, what motivates us.

Talking with this person makes you tell people afterward that you had " a great time at the party " ( even though you only talked to the same person the whole time and what they said was n't particularly new, what you remember is that they were as enthusiastic as you were!) Will you have lunch later?

Maybe Not. But it was a fun time anyway.

gave it

He also strays dangerously into an odd little utopia in which limits on human rights are justified in the ame of a ort of constrained peace.

Odd stuff.I suppose this would be forgivable on some level if the novel were well-plotted, but I found myself with a headache from the number of times I rolled my eyes in disbelief at the linear, uncomplicated little world he has invented.

None of these people have real lives or complex motives; rather, they conform dutifully to the historian 's dream world.

gave it

Set in the year 2030, we find that the United States has not dealt with its debt problem.

Faced with having to work so hard just to fulfill the obligations promised to the younge generation, young people are feeling extremely angry and disenfranchised.

gave it

Would I suggest this book?

If you are looking for an easy read that does n't invest too much of yourself this may be the ook.

Maybe you should wait til 2032 and buy it in a bookstore ( if we even still have hard books then) and see how prophetic Brooks was.

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