2061: Odyssey Three

Thomas C. Clarke, creator of one of the world 's best-loved science fiction stories, revisits the most famous future ever imagined in this NEW YORK TIMES bestseller, as two expeditions into space become inextricably tangled. Heywood Floyd, survivor of two previous encounters with the mysterious monloiths, must again confront Dave Bowman, HAL, and an alien race that has decided that Mankind is to play a part in the evolution of the galaxy whether it wishes to or not. -- This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.
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Published November 1997 by Voyager (first published November 12th 1987
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2061: Odyssey Three
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gave it

Tsung Spacelines has finished building another ship ( named " Universe ") and invited several celebrities, among them Heywood Floyd, to the maiden flight which includes a stop-over at Halley 's comet.

gave it

This is my first fiction book I 've read in English.

gave it

2061 may seem like a random date in which to continue the Space Odyssey story into a hird novel, but there is a very good explanatio for it- the return of Halley 's Comet.Amazingly Dr Heywood Floyd, middle-aged in the irst two books, is still going strong aged one hundred and three, thanks to half a lifetime spent in low gravity, orbiting Earth in a space hospital after a bad fall.

gave it

The landings on Halley 's Comet, and Europa, along with their vivid descriptions of the andscape and life-forms make it an engaging read filled with wonder!

But I would not worry about that.As a sequel to 2010: Odyssey Two, I liked the progress of the cliffhange.

Of course however, the necessary technology has not been ignored.Low on action ( hence I liked it more), more on exploration and imagination [: D ], which made the novel really a very ood read to me.Thoughts that I could pick up from the book:1.

Not all mysteries can be solved by man.

gave it

( Even the hi-jacking feels cheesy.) Having said that, Rile is more of a scientist than a writer and what captivates me is the astronomy, the science, the sensuality of space travel and descriptions of outer space as well as future technology some of which has come to pass that he had predicted in 1987, such as the internet and social media.

Once he lost the mystery, this story became merely second-rate science fiction.

gave it

HIS REVIEW HAS SPOILERS!!! Very elderly Dr Floyd is invited to join a pleasure cruise to land on Halley 's Comet, which suddenly turns into a rescue mission when his daughte 's ship is hijacked and crashes on Europa.

Dr Floyd does n't hook up with the actress celebrity ( which at his age probably would have killed him, but still -- -why spend all this time talking about how he was crushing on her and do somethin with that???).

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