In an Illumined City of the Enhanced World, J Melmoth and wife Raquel are leisured, privileged, self-indulgent, and satisfied with the world that is. SmartBots do all the work, CelRenew keeps them young, organ cloning keeps them healthy, and microchips integrated with their brains keep them connected. Disturbing their contentment from afar, newsstories manifest from windowalls to report widespread sabotage of nuclear waste storage sites in Mexico ’ s Badlands, even as Discipline& amp; Punish continues to detain prospective terrorists in Gulag Cuba. Melmoth and Raquel take as givens the continuance of their techno-mediated lives and their exemption from surveillance and control. They fail to appreciate the commitment and resolve of Mexican rebels, who cross the Badlands and Sierra Madre in search of their stolen families and the perfection of the Tarahumara. They are blind to the faith and steadfastness of Gulag detainees, who refuse microchip implantation despite wonders on offer; confined in-cage, obliged to fieldwork, detainees are denigrated as miscreants and tortured with comforts. Inside the geodesic domes of Mars Colony, Initiates of ancient knowledge monitor and control the dispensation on Earth while New Age alchemists work to recover the Philosopher 's Stone. The secret to immortality lies in gold – it is a subjec of creating enough or of finding it. The paradise promised by a century of high-technology seems at hand.
Or is it? Why does Melmoth ’ s SmartBot malfunction, and aquel ’ s follow suit? Why has the historical record been changed and a famous novel tinkered with? Gulag internees court death by resisting microchip enhancement. The Mexicans ’ quest leads them to the ancient city of Teotihuacan – conveniently for the eggheads on Mars, who fail repeatedly to transform base metals into gold.
And Melmoth? His head hurts. That microchip, he thinks, must be on the fritz. Can he remediate?
In the world that is, it is late in the mont. For Melmoth. For nothin.
Simplistic and fantastic, comic and profound, 2094 is a retellin of uest and protest that imagines a future being born today.'
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Published April 21st 2014 by Irving Place Editions
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gave it

Please head there for more in-depth reviews by me, which appear on a timely schedule.It is 2094, and life has changed for humans all over the eart.

The question asked by this novel is whether life is worth it, and what people can be happy living with.

Rather it 's moving the novel forward, always keeping in mind that sometimes sex does n't solve everything.My initial reaction was 'Wow. This book was really something awesome.' I would strongly recommend it for both personal reading, and as a colleg text.

That 's a clear uestion that each person needs to answer for themselves.Some people have faith, and that enables them to keep strong in the face of 'Discipline& Punish'.

I feel slightly put out that it intimates that all review-writers do n't read the book throughly.

After I read about the top reviewer on Amazon who reads 30+ novels A DAY I 'm not surprised with having that opinion.

gave it

Science fiction is not my avorite enre but one reason I started entering giveaways was to branch out of my typical genre and read other types of novels to avoid the mundane.

gave it

I received a free copy of this ook from the uthor in exchange for this review.This book imagines life in 2094, 80 years from now.

If you had written a book back then predicting a phone you could carry with you that connected to a large computer network, regular airline service and a superhighway system that would outpace trains as a means of cross-country travel, TVs that were over 10 feet wide that showed over 1000 channels, cars with TV screens in the back, and any other technology we have now, your work would at best be dismissed as science fiction, or at worst the work of a lunatic.

There is a bit of irony here, because J Melmoth thinks that his world would write 1984 off as improbable fiction.

Prisoners refuse to work, and American are swept up to Mars for manual labor.This book bounces around between plots.

gave it

Oh, and Mars- what is needed to truly establish human civilization on the red planet, and at what cost? This ook is one that makes you think, particularly when the various storylines start to tie together.

The nove ends, but the stor ( ies) and society must continue somehow ...

But, if you 're looking for an easy read, a poignant tory, a clear plot, and an ending that wraps things up ( in some kin of way), this might not be the ook for you.

gave it

I personally felt the story was very slow moving and uninteresting as I have read them before in other ontext.

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