21 Days to Change Your Body

Have you ever wondered why you do n't lose weight on a diet? Is it the diet program itself that is ineffective? Or is it your mindset?

In this fresh, new perspectiv to weight loss, 21 Days to Change Your Body ( and Your Life) will show you how to lose weight by changing the way you think about dieting. Be healthier, be happier and enjoy a better quality life -- while eating the foods you love.

Based on the writer 's own experience with losing more than 80 pounds, Helen M. Ryan shows you how to overcome the mental blocks to weight loss success, how to fit exercise into your busy day, and what you should doing and eating to fit into your " skinny jeans. "

Finally, a real book for real people that offers a step-by-step guide that will help you win the weight loss war. It 's real, honest, refreshing and engaging.

Are you ready to take back your life and lose weight? Let 's begin your future. It starts now.
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Published May 26th 2012 by Real World Guides
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gave it

Along with the tips for healthier living, the author also gives us insight into her own life, showing how these steps helped her to become a healthier, happier person.

gave it

I enjoyed reading this book and it gave me a lot of thing to think about changing to be a ealthier person.

gave it

The nove suggests making one change at a time- good advice and yet not something one hears too often, the usual diatribe being about flinging everything aside and becoming an exercise and diet freak overnight.

but then most of us who have been on the diet treadmill know there is no asy way, in that sense the advice is the same as every diet and exercise book will tell you, eat less and move more.

gave it

Let me just state 21 Days to Change Your Body by Helen M.

gave it

A lot of the advice she offers in this ook are tips that I 've read from other uthors and loggers, but still it was nice to read through them again.

With taking on changes one day, one week or even one month at a time, I do n't feel so overwhelmed.

Anne offers sound advice on diet and exercise.

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