21 Proms

Sometimes the night of your dreams can be a total nightmare.

The prom. It 's supposed to be one of the best nigh of your life. Or, at least, you 're supposed to have a ba time. But what if you 'd rather be going with your best friend 's date than your own? What if a sinister underground society of students has spiked the punch? What if your date turns out to be muc of a frog than a prince? Or what if he 's ( literally) an ape?

There are thing you can fight it. You can protest the silliness of the regular prom by hosting a backwards prom- also known as a morp. You can throw a prom for fat girls. You can stay at home to watch old teen movies and get your cute neighbor and his cuter brother to join you. You can dance to your own music.

Here, 21 of the funniest, most imaginative writers today create their own sor of prom stories. Some are triumphs. Some are disasters. But each one is a night you 'll never forget.
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Published December 30th 2014 by Push (first published March 1st 2007
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21 Proms
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gave it

Not only was it fun to read so many different takes on prom it was nice to find new authors I liked.

It was curiou to read so many other stories one after another but still refreshing.

gave it

And the writing was n't any better.

The only real reason to use present tense is to really get inside a character 's head, so that you can do internal monologues and the like.

We 'll get to those later.Your Big Night by Sarah Mlynowski: 1/5This story was so goo I could n't even finish it.

nope, this is n't in the bottom three, either.) The biggest problem was the plot, because it 's essentially high school dramas.

If you want to ask [ hot guy ] again, go to page 9. " The only eason I could think of to justify this was that Mlynowski wanted us to connect with the narrator more, but it did n't work because a) the narrator had no personality other than being irresistibly attracted to a certai guy and being whinny and b) the narrator did stupid things that I would never do.

There was n't a single character in the tory that felt like a real person.

Stick around for the snark-fest that will surely follow! Off Like a Prom Dress by Billy Merrell: 4/5This was n't actually a short story- it was a free-verse poem.

And Merrel certainly makes good use of the poem format; anywhere else, the lack of plot would 've felt off, but here, it worked perfectly.

But nevertheless, this was a nice, memorable poem, and I quite enjoyed it.Better Be Good to Me by Daniel Ehrenhaft: 1/5This story is nominally about a father describing his prom night to his son.

( See my above rant about Your Big Night.) My last hope for staying invested would 've been the characters, as that 's the on stuf that would ever make me even consider reading high school comed, but they were all one-dimensional and boring.

Also like Off Like a Prom Dress, it makes good use of its format- I could n't imagine this working as a short tal.

The haracters in the tory are both well-rendered, and their dialogue was quite well-written.

The ntire thing was written in a dialect that I think is supposed to be how black people talked during the slave period ( so do n't ask why the main action is set in 1955), but it was extremely onfusing and annoying to read.

I could n't even tell you what the story was about, other than that the main character seemed to be an attractive black girl whose ancestors were slaves.

This anthology had its fair share of weakness, but this story makes it difficult to forget.A Six-Pace of Bud, a Third of Whisky, and Me by Melissa de la Cruz: 3/5I 'd read a piece of de la Cruz 's short fiction before, ( Shelter Island in 666 The Number of the Beast) and I was n't a massiv fan, so I did n't have high hopes for this one.

This makes it sort of difficult to rate the plot and characters the way I normally would 've.

But, after reading it, my opinion is that the storie would 've been better if de la Cruz fictionalized it.

There was n't much dialogue, which gave the story a surreal effect, and the narratio was unrelatable.

The plot was entertaining, which made this story a good choice if de la Cruz had to write about some real experience, but, like most fiction based on real experiences, it works better to fictionalize it.Primate the Prom by Libba Bray: 1/5 ( Note: This part of the review will be longer and snarkier than normal.

I was n't a fan of Bray 's short story from Geektastic, so I expected not to like this one, either.

This story did n't work for me on an enormous level- the world made no sense, the writing was goo, and if I talk about the metaphor, I 'll go on another rant.See Me by Lisa Ann Sandell: 5/5This is another story that should 've been a full ovel, but for completely different reasons.

The eason that I liked it ( other than atie) was probably that while the plot focused mainly on this drama, we also got to see other elements of Katie 's life, however briefly.

Coupled with the great writing, this is the storie that 's tied with How I Wrote to Toby for best.

I honestly don ’ t know what Cohn was going for here, but from what I can tell, she tried to write too much in too little pages, making it a muddled and confusing mess.

All this meant that nothing made sense, and everybody was at all entertaining.Chicken by Jodi Lynn Anderson: 1/5Ugh. This is another one of those tales that was so unbelievably awful, I had to think, ‘ what was the author thinking when she wrote this? ’ The worst part was the writing – it was bad for the next page or so, but then it became COLLASALLY STUPID.

And the ntire thing is written like that- it 's so goddamned stupid.And not much of the whole of the tory was better.

( I 'm a big Levithan fan, both in terms of short iction and full novels.) Levithan 's work is normally sort of un and light-hearted, and that was present here, but it felt strained, like Levithan felt like it was obligatory.

( I mean that in both the figurative and the literal sense.) The arrator was the nly one we really got to know, and he was a gay stereotype, the sor you 'd think Levithan would want to avoid.

It had its positives- the writing was decen, and it was a nice exploration of the need for sex- but it was so scar and bizarre that I could n't really enjoy it. ( Edit: I read this story again when it appeared in How They Met and Other Novels, and my opinion on it changed a lot.

It also had great, developed characters that all felt like real people- I instantly related to the arrator and her frien.

The plot mainly served to contribute to the lightness, which was fine- anything more serious would 've felt off, especially considering how awkward the last story was.

There were a few decen stories, but the stories that I hated were so intensely bad that I ca n't justify giving it anything above two stars.Standouts: The Question, How I Wrote to Toby, See Me, The Great American MorpThe worst: GOD, THERE ARE SO MANY!

gave it

Of course, you ca n't expect massive character development or plot development during stories as short as these, but I think it 's just far, far too lacking for me to even try and enjoy.

gave it

In this hilarious and fantastic story, he introduces characters that I 'd absolutely love to see again.I did notice one thing that is exciting, and I want to know why this is: people seem much more likely to write about two gay guys than two lesbians.

Quite a ew of the stor had gay guys in them, but I ca n't think of any about two irls who wanted to go to prom together; I do n't know why.

In fact, I can only think of one book that I 've read where the main characters is a lesbian: KEEPING YOU A SECRET, by Julie Anne Peters.A good short story, one that has good characters or a hold-your-breath-suspenseful plot or something, has to do it in just a few pages.

gave it

I got ta stop reading short stories anthologies I really do n't like them.

You Are a Prom Queen, Dance Dance Dance- Elizabeth Craft- 1/5 starsThe girl in this story hated EVERYTHING and was an absolutely rude and bitchy nightmare.

Really hated her and since she was the entire plot, really not into it.All She Wants- Cecily Von Ziegesar- 0/5 stars ( yeah, it was THAT bad) First of all, there was no prom in this.

I want a book of her.Better Be Good to Me- Daniel Ehrenhaft- 5/5 starsThis story is a dad telling his grandso about how he met his sibling and lost his virginity at prom.

Honestly I wanted to read just to see who she went to prom with, but the twist had me CACKLING out loud it was uncomfortabl and I absolutely LOVED the ending.Though, can we please talk about the reaso that it 's 2015 and im reading a story where the characters all use MySpace? The Answe: A Play in One Act- Brett Hartinger- 1.5/5 starsI did n't really like this ambiguity of this.

This is meant to be a homosexual story but it 's actually just kind of making fun of it and yeah I hated this.Apology# 1- Ned Vizzini- 1.5/5 starsI did n't like the protagonis.

It was a " how many places my boyfriend and I had sex " retelling and it was just gross and raunchy and no purpose and kind of disgusting in a sense because why would you have sex at prom like how disrespectful can you actually be? The Great American Morp- John Green- 3/5 starsI liked the notio of a Morp.

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