21 Ways to a Happier Depression: A Creative Guide to Getting Unstuck from Anxiety, Setbacks, and Stress

Say goodbye to dreary shades of lack and white and start seeing the world for the prism of color it is with this refreshing and creative guide! In a unique mixtur of art, activities, and uplifting anecdotes, 21 Ways to a Happier Depression leads you on a hands-on journey to personal growth. Getting you out of one of -those moods- can be as straightforwar as:

-Making the bed
-Nurturing a plant
-Painting shapes in loops and colors
-Breaking down your work into a to-do list
-Getting a fresh new look with some different decor, or even a haircut!

Inspired by his own life experience, Clinical Psychologist Seth Swirsky gently encourages positive introspection through honest and practical advice. With this ook, a happier depression is literally in your ands!
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Published April 4th 2017 by Sourcebooks
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gave it

A few fell flat: say yes to party invitations, write a letter, go talk to people at a book stor.

But there was that part of my brain that knows the feeling of being so depressed I could hardly drag myself out of bed, much less make the darn thing.

I even envisioned myself trying some of the concepts and not completing them, then feeling like a loser or a failure or one of the many horrible things that a depressed person feels.

gave it

This autobiography is WAY more Beverly Hills than mental health.

For those of us life-timers, we need to stick with therapy, medication, and ther more serious methods to help ourselves.

gave it

I 'm gon na start calling books like this what they are: irresponsible.

You know what 's not helpful for a depressed person?

Doing cutesy things like writing letters and painting a picture probably are n't gon na help when they ca n't even get out of bed to take a shower.

gave it

I have suffered from depression, apath, stress, you name it, for any week and was very excited to read this ook from Seth Swirsky.

gave it

A slo, njoyable read offering many different coping strategies for depression& anxiety that is already manageable.CW: depressionI was scrolling the psychology section of Barnes& Noble today& stumbled upon this tiny book.

It is quite literally just 21 different tasks/activities that have helped the author ( a clinical psychologist who suffered from depression) cope with his own suffering.

But you do n't need to buy weights to work out at home- there are endless free workouts online that would have been more elpful to include in my opinion.) For people looking for coping strategies to make the not-so-good days better, I think this nove has the otential to be eneficial.

I think it 's really important to take this book for what it is: a list of potential coping strategies that MIGHT work for you.

I would n't even consider it a serious self-help book because it 's just a list of tips you can choose to try or choose to ignore.

I definitely think this would be most helpful to people who are presently in/have gone through treatment and/or are already managing their depression, but it would be totally lost on people who 's functioning is severely impaired by their mental llness.

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