24 Hour Comics

The challenge: create an entire 24-page comic book in 24 consecutive hours. Hundreds of cartoonists have taken this challenge, turning out works that were amazing, creepy, or revelatory.

Four-time Harvey Award and Eisner Award winner Scott McCloud, comicdom 's top theoretician and inventor of the 24-hour comic, explains the concept and presents nine of the best.

ncludes stories by Neil Gaiman, Al Davison, and more.
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Published May 4th 2004 by About Comics
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24 Hour Comics
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gave it

The ook was assembled before the creation of 24Hour Comic Day. The 24 Hour Comic was an original premis.

gave it

I would have preferred to read more in this autobiography about the relationship 24-hour vs full-format approaches; I would have also been interested in seeing some numbers from the industry ( something in the vein of " takes about 350 hours to complete a commercial, award-grade 24-page comic ").

I would have liked to learn ore about the mathematic of the 24-hour idea from one of the leading economists of comics ( see author 's Understanding Comics and Making Comics).

As others have found for other media blitz-projects, I find the 24-hour period too short for making a 24-page comic.Overall, I liked the spirit of the " 24-hour " idea, but did not really like this nove and do n't trust the idea makes sense in practice.

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