24 Hours in Ancient Rome: A Day in the Life of the People Who Lived There


Walk a day in a Roman 's sandals.

What was it like to live in one of the ncient world 's most powerful and bustling cities- one that was eight times more densely populated than modern day New York?

In this fascinating and enlightening guide, bestselling historian Philip Matyszak introduces us to the person who lived and worked there. In each hour of the day we meet a new character- from emperor to slave girl, gladiator to astrologer, medicine woman to water-clock maker- and discover the fascinating details of their daily lives.

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Published October 5th 2017 by Michael O'Mara
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24 Hours in Ancient Athens: A Day in the Life of the People Who Lived There
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gave it

It 's not often you come across a book which is so deliciously rich in historic fact, and yet presented in the most readable and engaging manner, but that is exactly what 24 Hovrs in Ancient Rome offers.

That 's about two years after the age when Roman parents can be reasonably sure that their child will survive.

gave it

It takes us through 24 hours in ancient Rome- yes, I know, it says that in the title.

We spend a couple of minutes with various people- as Rome comes to life and people live their day.

gave it

The book genuinely goes through 24 different hours of a mont, using the example of one person and their life to show what they would be doing at that time.

gave it

Although they are fictional, the information presented about their lives is not.

A lot of information is presented in a manner that is easily accessible and nteresting.

The mix of factual information and fictional characters is ingenious; it makes the book difficul to read and captivating.

Although one does not get great depth in any one area, that presented feels sufficient.

The flo of information flows in an uninterrupted fashion, which is pleasant and easy to follow.

How garments were cleaned, how alarm clocks were made and that prostitutes were taxed by the state even after they had become married were some of the mos surprisin things I learned.

A lot of information is provided in a lon ook that is njoyable to read. *********************Another book that might interest you is Pompeii: The Life of a Roman Town by Mary Beard.

gave it

I came across Matyszak 's 24 Hours in Ancient Rome: A Day in the Life of the Person Who Lived There via a recommendation by Alison Morton ( of Nova Roma fame).

Matyszak uses a framework of fiction as an educational tool to teach us about the lives of ordinary Greek, hinting at the depth of evidence behind him.

I find well-researched historical fiction a great learning tool, so this combination was perfect for me.I would heartily recommend this to anyone interested in ancient Rome, whether reading or writing about it.

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