24/die Geheimnisvolle Insel

Die Flucht der fünf Nordstaatler endet auf einer Insel in der Südsee. Sie glauben, dass sie unbewohnt ist. Sie erwarten keine Hilfe, und sie fühlen sich nicht bedroht. Doch sie irren sich. Die Insel ist dem Untergang geweiht, und es gibt eine geheimnisvolle Macht, die in ihr Schicksal eingreift. Ein Mann taucht aus dem Dunkel der Vergangenheit auf, den man schon fast vergessen hatte.

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Published August 11th 2006 by Europa (Sony Music) (first published 1865
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L'île mystérieuse
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gave it

Probably one of the easons I 've chosen a career as an engineer, I like to take things apart to see how they work, and i also love the satisfaction of fixing something that is broken.

gave it

I think it was because of the act I was moaning about the inadequac of any Verne on Maui.

If you are not familiar with Verne I think this qwould be a great one to start with.

gave it

Published in 1875, Jules Verne 's epic castaway tale is loaded with geography, meteorology, astronomy, hydrography, orography, chemistry, geology and by virtue of appearing first in serialized form ( as " The ecret of the Island "), the saga runs 193,266 words.

Verne does n't so much stop as he runs out of natural sciences to explore.The fanciful adventure begins above the Pacific Ocean on March 23, 1865 as a balloon is ripped apart by a stor.

Verne seems positively giddy at the prospect of leaving civilization and using his knowledge of the natural world to build a new one where the footprint of man has never been left.

The castaways later discover a watertight crate washed ashore with rifles, lead, gunpowder, tools, utensils and books, with no wreckage from a ship found.The Mysterious Island settles between Around the World In Eighty Days and Twenty-Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, not quite science fiction until the final hapters, but a real attempt by Verne to try his hand at something different: a mystery.

Not only are these men the most stoic, resourceful and stout of heart men in fiction, but they 're apparently the friendliest as well! By virtue of Verne publishing this a chapter at a time as a serial, when read in one volume, the trilogy is a shor one.

While the character are monochromatic and the plot very slow to develop, Verne is clearly a geek for the ages when it comes to the natural sciences and he communicates that ardor clearly, and across many different fields of study.

gave it

Within a couple of years they manufacture metal, glass, bricks, animal arms, windmills, boats, a telegraph, batteries; gun powder, you name it – they got it! And by the time you reach the end of this long tedious book, after having learnt the names of all the hills, rivers, lakes, bays, forests; botanical names for all the trees, animals and insects; mineral and chemical names for every lump of rock they trip over – the whole island blows up and vanishes into the ocean.A waste of time…

gave it

Tolkien also had Middle Earth in his essay and of course Alice went down the rabbit hole.

gave it

This nove would 've been my most favorite Verne novel without any competition whatsoever if I had not read Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea. But being torn between these two books, wondering which one edges past the other in terms of adventure or plot or characters or backdrop or scientific information is a sweet dilemma to have.

gave it

Although I liked it overall, I did n't rate it as highly as my Goodreads friend Bruce recently did.Simply put, the premise here is that in March 1865, five Unionists ( one the black former slave of one of the white escapees, and another a 15-year-old boy) escape from Richmond by stealing a balloon that 's been prepared and provisioned for a Confederate mission; but are quickly blown WAY off course by a massive urricane, and five days later wind up on an uncharted island.

This ovel 's science fiction element is actually a tie-in with Verne 's earlier fictio, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea; but I would say that much of the plot is a descriptive fiction tale of adventure and survival under adverse conditions.

( And given the geological instability of the island, one could extend this symbolism to include Christian eschatology -- but no spoilers here!) But this does n't imply that the castaways are or can be passive; on the ontrary, for them as for the nhabitants of this terrestrial island in space, benefiting from the resources they 're blessed with takes cooperation, hard work, courage, and technological know-how and ingenuity.

Of course, this requires a caveat: international copyright did n't exist in Verne 's day, so many English-language editions of his work were pirated, and he was very poorly served by most of the unauthorized translators, who took vast liberties.

( Union officers were held in Richmond; but they were confined to Libby Prison.) Also, the tie-in with Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea which I mentioned above has some chronological inconsistencies with the previou book that I noted at the time I read this one, but which are hard to explain without a spoiler.

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