250 Laws of Love: A relationship is like a tandem bike. It is not possible for one person to pedal while the other one is braking.

Each of us is unique. We differ in genes, education, desires, chosen paths and acquired experience. Also in our moods which change from moment to moment. How can two different people agree on a common direction that suits them both without strife? How can they overcome the discrepancies caused by their natural differences? When compromising, how can both sides in a partnership win and not lose? This book explains 250 laws of a happy relationship, in which the couple is more than just the sum of two ersons, and in which partners can also achieve more in their working lives than alone.
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Published February 28th 2018 by First Class Publishing a.s. (first published January 1st 2015
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gave it

Each law is accompanied by illustrative brief stories and situations and advice on how to manage all the constant of a successful relationship.While many of the theorie discussed are familiar, it is the manner in which the author offers advice that makes this nove a supportive pleasure to read.

gave it

Overall, an interesting essa that dispenses a lot of seful advice when it comes to improving your most important relationship whether it be your spouse or partner.

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