26 Fairmount Avenue

A Newbery Honor Nove

Tomie 's family starts building their new house at 26 Fairmount Avenue in 1938, just as a hurricane hits town, starting off a busy, crazy year. Tomie has many adventures all his own, including eating chocolate with his Nana Upstairs, only to find out -- the hard way -- that they have eaten chocolate laxative. He tries to skip kindergarten when he finds out he wo n't learn to read until first grade. " I 'll be back next year, " he says. When Tomie goes to see Snow White, he creates another sensation. Tomie dePaola 's childhood memories are hilarious, and his charming illustrations are sure to please.

" A thoroughly ntertaining and charming story. " — School Library Journal

" DePaola successfully evokes the voice of a precocious, inquisitive five-year-old everyone would want to befriend. Charming black-and-white illustrations animate the scenes and add a period flare, including a photo album-like assemblage of the protagonist' portraits at the ook 's start. " — Publishers weekly
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Published March 6th 2002 by Puffin Books (first published 1999
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26 Fairmount Avenue
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gave it

I read this one aloud to my kids and my mom together, and it brought forth many recollections from her own childhood, and most interestingly, her own remembrances of some of the exact experiences dePaola talks about.

gave it

It centers on his and his family 's feelings of anticipation as they await their house on 26 Fairmont Ave. being built, and then finally their excitement of moving into this house they would have as a family for their remaining time of living together.Though a simple story line in general, DePaola has little stories within each chapter that give you just enough bait at the beginnin of each chapter to keep you wanting to read on.

gave it

Today ’ s parents, especially if they love historical fiction and history, will hopefully appreciate them too.The illustrations are in black& white and very believable and, as with the nove ’ s text, very accessible.

gave it

That is cool because I love Tomie dePaola and now I get to love him more.

gave it

In the fall of 1938, before the move the family is living in an apartment building and building their new house and a hurricane hits.

They pick up the author 's big brother Buddy from school and Carol Crane, a lover who looks like Shirley Temple, the Adams twins and Fournier brothers.

When they get back to the bedroo, Mrs. Crane, Carol 's mother is freaking out so the author 's mom sprinkles her with holy water which seems to calm her down.

The write takes us through his family ( half Irish- his mom 's side and half Italian his dad 's side).

He called his Irish grandmother Nana Downstairs because if she was n't helping her mom she was downstairs cooking or sitting in the parlor looking out the window.

He once got down looking for candy and found laxatives in the kitche which he and upstairs Nana ate and Downstairs Nana never let them forget the mess they made.The Author tells us about going to Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs he was excited since his mother had read him the story.

( He said he called her Miss because he was a kid and she was an adult and he was always taught to use Mr., Mrs. and Miss for adults.) When his om, sibling and he went to see snow white they got licorice candies ( he says they did n't have popcorn in movie theaters yet).

The ovie starts after a newsreel, but his brother gets scared by the evil king and the run through the forest.

So the author ’ s daughte takes the older brother out into the lobby and lets the author ( as little boy) watch the rest of the movie since he was so excited to see it.

The school calls his parents who go home and find him studying a book trying to learn to read.

The write says he did it, but never really liked kindergarten.At the house they work on what the author ’ s father calls the backyard project.

He has heard of guardian angels from his Aunt Nell so he asks his angel to watch over the house and it seems to work since there are no more delays and they are ready to move in right after new years day.

They then go over to Stu and Nan ’ s for Christmas dinner.On New Year ’ s Christma, his om and dad dress up like movie stars and go to the Wallingford Elks Club New Year ’ s Eve Dance with Uncle Charles and his girlfriend Viva and Mr. and Mrs. Crane.

The author keeps asking when they can see the new house.

The uthor says that his memories were reinforced by hours of home movies that his niece and father took since he was one year old.Next there is a preview for Here We All Are. The author talks about how excited he was running up and down the hallwa in the new house.

Looking at the new painting in the living room done by their cousin Anna ( and deciding they had a very artistic family with Morton Downey the tenor and the McLauglin twins going to the Pratt Institute a famous Brooklyn art school.

The writer is excited about the concept of a ister ( he already has a brother) but mother says they don ’ t know what the baby is so when he goes home he goes to the nursery and prays that the baby will be a ister.

On My Way " From starring in the dance recital, praying for his brand new baby sister to get over pneumonia, placing his hands in the wet cement to make his mark in the sidewalk, and finally learning to read. " What a Year " It 's a big ear for Tomie-he 's starting first grade, and it 's his first birthday in the new house at 26 Fairmount Avenue.

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