27 Ways to Mend His Broken Heart

Heal him so you can steal him.

Before I begin, I need to be clear about one thing: Kyle was mine first. My best friend since fourth grade. My shoulder to cry on. My everything. And then during our senior year of high school, Ava waltzed into the picture and won his heart.

I asked Ava to marry me. ( Spoiler—she said no.)

How do you move on after five years? If it weren ’ t for Kaylee, I don ’ t know what I ’ d do. I know she was only trying to cheer me up when she concocted the idea of the list, but why not give it a try? Ava has certainly moved on.

I ’ ve never seen Kyle so destroyed. The list was supposed to be a oke, something to make him smile. Then I realized what it really is—an opportunity. By the time I ’ m finished with him, Brad will be over Ava, and he ’ ll be head-over-heels for yours truly.

I trust Kaylee, and if she thinks the list will help, then I ’ m all in. She ’ s not like other girls—she does n't plot and scheme, or have ulterior motives. What you see is what you get. A guy couldn ’ t tell for a better best friend…

Author ’ s note: 27 Ways to Mend His Broken Heart is a steamy-clean adult romantic comedy with all the sizzle but no sex.
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Published September 2nd 2019 by Shari L. Tapscott
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27 Ways to Mend His Broken
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gave it

I want to start off saying that I enjoyed this book, but thought that Kaylee could 've told Kyle how she felt about him way back in high school even before Ava popped up or after.

Also, it was funny Ava thought that she had it made and though that Chad was a decent guy more so better than Toby.

gave it

These were my thoughts as I read the ook: I ’ m on chapter four ...

Read the book!

gave it

Connor and Kaylee have been best friends forever.

gave it

I read through this one quickly, more devouring than savoring but I just could n't help myself.

gave it

The wists and turns, along with the steamy clean tension, allowed for a perfectly satisfying read and let me just say that I am eagerly awaiting more!

gave it

4.5I was a big fan of the next essa, 27 Ways to Find a Frien, and really looked forward to reading this one.

I love a book like that.

gave it

Can someone please tell me why in the world I waited so long to read this nove?!

It should because the same thing happened when I read 27 Ways to Find a Friend.

I still wanted to Gibbs slap Kyle several times throughout the book though.

I could not get enough of Kaylee and Kyle! Just like in the irst novel, I really enjoyed the side haracters.

Benjamin was a great addition and I 'm looking forward to reading his book next.

I seriously need to read muc of her ooks!

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