Sall Walker and Monkey Burnett have nothing in common—except an impossible longing for each other, their huge and volatile minds, and a bone-deep love for a tiny hardscrabble desert town.

When corporate greed and shortsightedness threaten the fragile Mojave Desert around their homes in Twentynine Palms, California, with devastatingly huge solar and wind power farms, Nell and Monkey join forces with their Chemehuevi and Anglo neighbors to protect an ancient sacred trail and the animal and wildlife that live along it. Through ove and work, Nell finds her own near-hidden trail, a pathway that carries her towards a reunion with the sister she tried to forget.

As transcendent as the spare Mojave itself, 29 is a blade-sharp novel of the searing heart of the forbidden desire.
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Published August 12th 2014 by Torrey House Press (first published July 21st 2014
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gave it

I thought I would like this book because I go to the desert at least every year to visit my " snow bird " parents and have been to 29 Palms and Joshua Tree.

gave it

The problem, though, is that the descriptive language holds down the storie for the first 100 pages, during which nothing really happens, and the main characters do n't make choices.

gave it

Great interplay between 2 main characters, but it was spoiled, IMHO, by spiritual/mystical occurrences that were poorly explained.

gave it

Not wanting to give thing away, I can only recommend that you buy this book and prepare to be entertained as well as educated.Genre: NovelMain Characters: Jane, Monkey, Keno, Jackie, Connie, and Diamond The author ’ s successful use of imagery and description is wonderful.

Be prepared to have a moment or two of self-reflection.

gave it

I was really mpressed with her final transformation at the end.At times I felt somewhat alienated from Nell and Monkey 's banter and email exchanges.

Although I did n't understand it at times, it felt as though they had a real connection despite the dysfunctional nature of their friendship.

Why was Monkey 's wife so forgiving of his relationships with Nell?

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