3 secondes, le temps pour la lumière de parcourir 900 000 kilomètres, le temps d'un coup de feu, d'une larme, d'un SMS, d'une explosion ... Observer les détails, enquêter d'une scène à l'autre permet de reconstituer les angles morts et de récolter les indices sur ce qui relie les personnages et les motive. Affaires, crimes, complot ... À chacun de se faire sa propre idée.
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Published September 2011 by Delcourt (first published 2011
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gave it

It 's like a film noir in comic book style.This book was originally published in French, then was translated into English, German, Portugues, and few other languages.

Thirdly, a couple parts that were translated to English have spelling errors and even just repeat the same ines over several times.To get the best experience from this essa, I 'd suggest the original French version.

I could n't even load the site to input a password) One issue I do have is the price of this memoir.

gave it

Then we see we are looking into the ye of a woma in a room across some distance and as we zoom into his eye we see the reflection of his phone as he is looking at it taking a selfie and we zoom further in to the small inset camera lens in the phone 's front and in that lens we see that behind him stands a man pointing a gun at his head and behind the gunman is a mirror in which we see the room in which they both stand and zooming into the mirror we see a shiny trophy in whose reflection upon closer and closer and closer inspection we see the room from another angle and we see the oman in the oom who sees the man taking the selfie about to be shot and closing in on her we see in her startled posture that she has dropped her compact mirror in whose reflection we see yet another angle of the women in tableau with a hanging light above them and reflected in the glass of the bulb in the hanging light and so on and so on moving us the viewer around this scene and the street outside and the windows and mirrors of cars and motorcycles and the lens of a satellite and the entir thing is gloriously bananas and absurd but fun as we zoom around through the entir story.

It 's definitely a ook that can be read very quickly or very slowly, savoring the angles and expressions and the low, subtle shifting of all the action in the main parts of the tal as we zoom around from one direction and reflection to another.

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