3 a.m.

The average person is awake for sixteen hours a day.
Henry Bins is awake for one.
He wakes up each day at 3 a.m. then falls asleep at 4 a.m.
Life is simple.
Until he hears the woman scream.
And sees the man leave the house across the street.
But not just any man.
The Presidenc of the United States.
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Published October 19th 2013 by Nick Pirog (first published October 8th 2013
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3:00 a.m.
Isbn 13
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gave it

So Henry has to cram a lot into his 1 hour per day.He 's had this disease since he was a child, so managing his stock portfolio, running for exercise, eating, reading, all the normal things that you and I do every day has become his normal.That is ...

until the early morning hours when, following a run, he glances out his window when he hears a woman scream and sees a man running out of the house directly across the street.

Add in a big, slobbery dog and a at and the reader gets a frantic roller coaster ride.This is a fairly quick book to read ...

gave it

3.5-4 ACTION PACKED, TIME CRUNCHED STARS " My life is measured in grains of sand, trickling from one teardrop to the other. " This was a really entertainin read.

gave it

He sleeps 23 hours every day.

He wakes up at 3 A.M. every day for an hour.

He looks out the window and sees the POTUS leaving the house.

The kitten, which he names Lassie, leads him to a door.

gave it

Wolve are not dogs, even if you name them " Lassie ".

Neither cats OR dogs are human.

I am unsure if Nick Pirog has ever seen a cat in person, let alone owned one, because the way that " Lassie " the cat is described in this novel is ...

I have had cats all my life.

The set up here is that our hero, Richar, is a person of interest in the rape of the woman across the treet, and the police have noticed that he has a cat that 's not listed on his lease- a cat which mysteriously seems to be missing from the murdered woman 's apartment.

Please work. " Lie down. " He continues doing the cat-winding-meowing-thing.

" Play dead. " He gets tired of waiting for the incompetent human and goes back to sleep.The treat bag falls out of my hands as they 're pulled behind my back and snapped into cuffs ... " Fuck. " Cats are incredibly smart.

This scene I 've just quoted takes place mere days after the uhhh ...

And, lest we forget, Henry Bins only gets one hour of consciousness per day.

So, we 're talking between 3-7 hours of human/cat interaction time.

Yet I 'm supposed to believe that " Lassie " will act the part of a well-trained trick dog, responding to commands that are likely to ever have been uttered in his presence before, let alone TAUGHT to him.

" I turn around and look at Murdock [ Henry 's father 's 160 lb Mastiff ] and Lassie in the backseat.

Murdock ate the treat, and Lassie set another peace offering at his feet. "

However, once you consume our food, you will no longer be dog and I cat.

but I digress.) Dad and Henry set out from D.C., with pets in tow, and when Henry wakes up after his 23 hour coma, they are in Colorado.

Maybe Dad 's a speeder and gets excellent gas milage, and did n't have to stop 10 times for gas, coffee, pee breaks, or dog or cat pit stops.

Perhaps he 's got Daddy Bins, which is the opposite of Henry 's sleep disorder, and he only sleeps one hour a day.

No mention of a hotel stay, no mention of the drive taking more than one sleep for Henry ( pre-Colorado), no mention of anything that makes this seem at all possible in real life.

It 's like the author googled how long the drive takes, and ran with that number- not thinking about things like driver, passenger, pet, or car needs that would require stops and increase travel time.

I made this comment as I was reading, but I feel like it needs to be said again: In all of documented medical history, there 's never been a single case of this particular sor of sleep disorder- where a person sleeps 23 hours a day, wakes up at a pecific time and for one hour only, and then collapses back into sleep after their hour is up.

I think the reaso that Henry Bins is spreading, or communicable, or being caused by some kin of environmental factor or something is the bigger story than a murder.

I do n't know if I believe that he can be as resourcefu as we 're told he is, if he 's only had a fraction of the time a normal human spends learning.

This was one of the other thing, where the protagonis has all the info and the reader has none, and so when the Bond Villain confesses ( because of course!) we 're supposed to feel like the hero has solved the mystery even though there 's no evidence of that- we 're just told that that 's what happened.

gave it

We all complain that there is n't enough time in the day to do verything we want and need to do.

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