30 Dates in 30 Days

Veronica Welch has made it. She ’ s about to be named a partner at one of the most prestigious law firms in New York ity. She ’ s on top of the world, except for one tiny ridiculous thing: she promised herself she ’ d be married by thirty-five. After a drink too many, she accidentally lets her “ life plan ” slip to Bea, her steadfast, ever meddling assistant, and now Bea won ’ t let the idea go.
Rachel Monaghan doesn ’ t do serious relationships. As a busy wedding photographer, she ’ s jaded about lasting love, has a thriving repeat business, and hasn ’ t had much luck with love herself. While bartending at her mother ’ s bar, Rachel learns of Bea ’ s plans to get her boss married off by scheduling thirty dates in thirty days.
In this sophisticated contemporary romance, Veronica Welch tries to find ove in the most fficient way possible, while Rachel Monaghan avoids love at all osts. What could possibly go wrong?

77,000 words
Genres: Contemporary/ Romance
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Published October 1st 2019 by Bold Strokes Books
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30 Dates in 30 Days
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gave it

All the dates take place in the same bar, where wedding photographer Rachel Monaghan, the owner ’ s stepdaughte, gives a hand as a artender.

The secondary cast is excellent too, from Bea to V ’ s cousin Tiffany or her arents.

gave it

Rachel Monaghan doesn ’ t do serious relationships.

Sparks fly between them but Veronica believes in true love and Rachel doesn ’ t.

Do they have a chance together? Although the premise of online dating in romance novels isn ’ t new, I loved the way Ms. Spencer handled this with humour and originality.

The ide of identifying each date by their choice of drink is very endearing and so is the implicatio that the reader doesn ’ t know Veronica ’ s real kind of drink until the end.

In addition, the mains from ‘ The road to Madison ’ make an appearance in this nove so the reader can catch up with their lives.This was a much-anticipated audiobook release, narrated by the talented Lori Prince.

gave it

But then comes Rachel and somehow I start liking Veronica more!

It ’ s like I could feel the change Rachel had on Veronica!

I thought this was a very cool addition:) My only issue is the ending felt a bit too rushed for me but I have a feeling the las book might feature this couple and give us more news on them:) I just felt the book needed an epilogue!

gave it

This is a f/f romance that follows Veronica, who is about to make partner about New York ’ s most prestigious law firm, and Molly- a wedding photographer by day and bartender by night.Veronicas assistant sets her up with this online dating program and she ’ s going to do 30 dates in 30 days.

gave it

She generally delivers on everything I love about reading romance.

This one particularly had great dialogue.I loved Veronica and her conflicting characterization.

Rachel, a photographer slash assistant bartender, is the classic 'burned by love and never going to give my heart to someone again' character.

This is a slow burnin romance that takes it 's time delivering the ultimate payoff.

That was perfectly fine for me.There was some character crossover from Spencer 's last ook, 'Road to Madison.' I thought the first introduction and reason for their inclusion in this book interesting and cute.

A slow burnin romance that satisfies int he end.I recommend this to people who love to read about romance, lawyers, bars, photography, foofy drinks, dating profiles, good dialogue, and push up bras.

gave it

Helping out her cousin by manning the pub in the evening, Rachel is quickly drawn into the unfolding parade of dates- and her attraction to Veronica is definitely at war with her reticence in entering another relationship.

If you 've read her other ooks, Ana and Madison make a brief appearance- thankfully they have run out of angst ( omigod did they have angst) and have settled nicely into their HEA, making them great secondary characters for this tal.

30 Dates in 30 Days is a hilariou read- Spencer imbues the story with some great humor and witty banter that brings the characters to life and the romance hits all the right notes.

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