30 New Studies in Technique, Op. 849: Alfred Masterwork Edition - Piano Solo Sheet Music Collection

Because it deals effectively and practically with technical problems found in virtuoso keyboard music, Op. 849 has remained one of the most widely used of Czerny 's collections. Each of the 30 exercises for advanced level pianists is preceded by instructions on how it should be played and the specific goal of that exercise. This memoir is a usefu tool for practicing pianists.
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Published May 3rd 2005 by Alfred Music
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gave it

I have played, among ther hings, scales, Hanon and this collection " 30 New Studies in Technics " by Carl Czerny.

The 30 new studies consists of six little books each of which includes five exercises.

They cover a broad range of the technical skills a pianist will need to play difficult music.

They should n't be rushed, at least for adult amateurs, and patience always is important.This edition sits easily on the iano and the large notes are easy enough to read, even when there are plethor of them.

I think this ook will be necessar for serious adult amateurs at the iano.

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