300 Questions to Ask Your Parents Before It's Too Late

Ask the perfect questions and receive answers full of wisdom with this easy-to-use guide. Learn from your parents the time honored traditions and habits that have made them who they are today, including their views on spirituality, what they learned in their youth, how they feel about parenting, and much more! With over 300 questions, this guide is a sure pat to help you know your parents better.
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Published April 8th 2011 by Horizon
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gave it

If you are not a parent, many of these questions will not be elevant or applicable to you.

Some of the questions could be more personal or more appropriat, but others are revealing and provocative.

gave it

Second, far too many questions are designed to be asked of a well educated stable parent.

I know, first hand, that childre are often not educated beyond high school ( mine for example) and shoulder a lot of emotional baggage.

For families where the parents have Masters degrees and are emotionally sound, this book might be possibl.

I think she is on to something important, but it seems too limited and narrow for most people to benefit.One question did make me wonder, what was your marriage proposal like?

gave it

This will be a great book to hand down for generations to come!

gave it

I hope to read this ook because I love both my parents dearly and I know that the time is now.

gave it

Neither of my parents liked the " before it 's too late " part of the title ( they are in their early 50 's), but they loved the ide and really enjoyed the conversations that sprang as a caus of the ook ( my husband was there too and he liked the hance to get to know his in-laws better too).

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