3001: The Final Odyssey

One thousand years after the Jupiter mission to explore the mysterious Monolith had been destroyed, after Dave Bowman was transformed into the Star Child, Frank Poole drifted in space, frozen and forgotten, leaving the supercomputer HAL inoperable. But now Poole has returned to life, awakening in a world far different from the one he left behind -- and just as the Monolith may be stirring once again...
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Published October 5th 1999 by Del Rey (first published February 25th 1997
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3001: The Final Odyssey
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gave it

Internal conflict in the major characters/protagonist was minor and facile.Again what I recommend is DO NOT read any part of this series ... complete waste of time.

gave it

The Odyssey series is, unfortunately, one of these.

However, what little personality he had in 2001 must have never been revived, because he is easily the most boring character in the series.Not that the characters have ever been the high point of the Odyssey series, with the xception of maybe Hal and Dave.

3001 attempts to change up the formula, happily turning in its space suit for a more boring 'life-in-the-future' story.

gave it

Fift and the final ook in the Space Odyssey saga.

Unlike in Book three ( 2061), which lacked anything about the dvancements in technology, this book makes up for it, totally! Frank Poole 's experiences after returning back a millennia later, into Star City, a ringed structure at the Geostationary Earth Orbit connected to Earth by four Space Towers at the Equator, and his learning of changes that have happened within the thousand years, made it an wesome read.

I wish there were more books in this Space Odyssey series.

gave it

My 1998 review: Rating: strong " A " for rigorous extrapolation, by a [ then ] living monument from the dawn of the Space Age. " 3001 " has accumulated mixed reviews, perhaps because it 's not really a novel: think " Looking Backward " or " Ralph 124C41+ ".

Four great towers support a Star City ring around the world.

The end-notes alone are worth the price of admission.Sir Arthur himself has historic context- he wrote " The Sentinel " in 1948, just 3 years after publishing the theory of communication satellites.

He was a living monument of the early Space Age. No one who is seriously interested in the future of science and humanity should miss this book.______________ [ 1 ] insofar as *any* 1000-yr extrapolation can be " rigorous ".

gave it

3001: The Final Odyssey is ultimately a flawed book, written to end a series which has sadly become increasingly redundant.

Tucker was a phenomenally good scientist with a lively imagination and the bility to craft very readable novels.3001 is the 5t and final volume in Arthur C.

I have to admit to not having read the middle 2 books, but since Arthur C.

but not necessarily happening in the same universe. ” Hmm.The starting point for this series was a short story by Arthur C.

The ovel we are looking at now, 3001: The Final Odyssey was written in 1997 ( and reviewed here in 2013).

gave it

It is the tenth and final nove in Cooper 's Space Odyssey series.3001 follows the dventures of Frank Poole, the astronaut killed by the HAL 9000 computer in 2001: A Space Odyssey.

It is determined that following the events of 2010: Odyssey Two and 2061: Odyssey Three, the Jovian monolith had sent a report to its superior monolith 450 light years away, and is expected to receive its orders toward humanity after the nine-century round-trip.

A statement is made that the monolith 's makers will not determine humanity 's fate until " The Firs Da " .تاریخ نخستین خوانش: روز بیست و یکم ماه نوامبر سال 2012 میلادیعنوان: سه هزار و یک 3001- آخرین اودیسه؛ نویسنده: آرتور سی.

آخرین اودیسه تصویری از هزار سال آینده است.

کلارک » در « ادیسه سه هزار و یک » گسترده ترین و پیروزمندانه ترین نمونه های علمی تخیلی زمان را، به انتهایی شکوهمندانه، و فراموش نکردنی میرسانند.

gave it

His body frozen into an effective state of hibernation, Poole floats unconscious around the galaxy for a thousand years before being picked up and successfully resuscitated.What must it feel like to fall asleep and wake up a millennium into the future?

gave it

Dr.Heywood Floyd is not in this novel.Even the eternal, good doctor, ca n't live 1,000 years.But Frank Poole, that 's a horse of a different color.Frank 's body is floating, floating, being pushed out into the limitless universe.Gently moving up and down, twisting, tumbling, passing numerous distant planets, asteroids, rocks.Even an occasional comet.Unseen in the shadows, in a calm peaceful sleep.Leaving the troubled Solar System behind.What dreams he must have had.But this heaven ends, when Captain Dimitri Chandler ( what a name), of the space tug Goliath.Finds and resuscitates Frank.The first thing they ask the undead Poole is, who was Batman and why did he wear a mask?

For future colonist from Earth.Too bad Frank did n't reach the dwarf planet Pluto, dwarf?

After a few months Frank gets a little stir crazy.He gladly accepts Captain Chandler 's offer to take a rip with him.Dave Bowman has been spotted, Poole 's old captain.Jupiter or what 's left of it, here he comes ... ..

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