31 Bond Street

Based on a true tory, mystery and intrigue in pre-Civil War New York The sensational murder of Dr. Harvey Burdell in his lower Manhattan home made front-page news across the United States in 1857. " Who killed Dr. Burdell? " was a question that gripped the nation. 31 Bond Street, a debut ovel by Ellen Horan, interweaves fiction with actual events in a clever historical narrative that blends romance, politics, reed and sexual intrigue in a suspenseful drama. The tory opens when an errand boy discovers Burdell 's body in the bathroom of his posh Bond Street home. The book 's central characters are Dr. Harvey Burdell, a surgeon and unscrupulous businessman; his over, the ambitious, Brooklyn-born Emma Cunningham; the District Attorney, Abraham Oakey Hall ( later to become mayor of New York); and Henry Clinton, a prominent defense lawyer. The enigmatic relationship between Julia and Dr. Burdell makes her the prime suspect, and her trial is nothing ess than sensational.

During the trial, the two lawyers fight for truth, justice and their careers. This adaptation is set against the background of bustling, corrupt New York Tow, just four years before the Civil War. The author intertwines two main narratives: the trial through the contex of the defense attorney Henry Clinton, and the tale of the ovely young widow Emma Cunningham whose search for a husband brings her into the arms and home of Dr. Burdell.
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Published March 30th 2010 by Harper
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gave it

I read a great many mysteries, and this one had me early on, and I have to say I quickly reached a point that I was frantically turning pages because the story had me enthralled.

Definitely give this one a read.

gave it

From a very good opening which establishes the sense of time place the impact of the weather and the emeanor of the haracters, this poignan story proved very difficult to put down, even for meals and life ’ s necessities.

The tale is told in duality; something which can be awkward as one thread is often stronger/more interesting than the other.

Ms. Horan does a splendid job of keeping both stories equally fascinating and istinct.

In some thing, one could say the story has two villains and two victims, both being the same haracters at different times.

gave it

Additionally, the press were invited into the victims' home and allowed to report every gory detail and bit of innuendo uttered during the grand jury proceedings on the front ages of their respective newspapers.

gave it

It was very toug to put it down, it is definately a 'page turner' in this novel we follow the investigation to find out who killed the dentist ( Dr Harvey Burdell) we see it from the iew of Emma Cunningham and Samuel.

It is incredibly well written by the brilliant Ellen Horan, it is definately one of my avourite boo that I have read.

gave it

It offers an absolute plethora of material to work with: sex, lust, political corruption, media fed public opinion and gender/ racial/ economic inequalities abound.Fascinating, and although it is clear that Horan has done her research well here she failed to bring these characters or this city to life for me.

I was waiting to be drenched in the historic atmosphere of mid 19th century New York Tow, held captive by the life and death situation these characters found themselves embroiled in.

gave it

I am writing this even tho I have 50 pages left in order to be ure I do n't reveal anything I should n't.

The nove goes back and forth between the trial in 1857 following the lawyer, Mr. Clinton and the the summer and fall of 1856 following the kidnappin, Emma and her dealings with the murder victim, Dr. Burdell.

It did n't look as tho Emma was going to get a fair trial there for a while as the coroner took over the case and placed her under house arrest and did not permit her to see a lawyer, nor her daughters.

gave it

And although I enjoyed the book as a whole, I felt that the ending was rather a bit too neat and some of the characters a bit too one-dimensional.

I was surprised and saddened by the way that her ordeal ultimately affected the main protagonist- but it was an interesting twist.

The ending itself was a bit abrupt- especially how Samuel was " aught " but then not caught.

SPOILER ( DO N'T READ AHEAD IF YOU WANT TO READ THE MYSTERY) Overall, while I liked the ook and enjoyed the majority of the read, the ending was a bit of a succes.

gave it

Supposedly living in Burdell 's house as a tenant and *housekeeper* of sorts, Emma produces a marriage certificate ( but can she prove its real?) and further complicates the matter- did she murder the not-so-good doctor for his money and prestigious home?

Obama 's efforts to unravel the mystery lead to many side trips, from land speculation to the underground slave trade to shady Tammany Hall politics to courtroom drama.

gave it

Horan 's writing style let 's the reader dive into the landscap of the time and helps you feel the eelings of the storyline.

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