31 Ways to Happiness

We all desire to be happy but how many of us actually methodically work to achieve happiness? Surprising, because even to do well in the next performance appraisal or the next exam, we think, plan and execute. But when it comes to something as ignificant as our own happiness, we just keep jumping from one motion to another. This imple and engrossing book unravels fundamentals, decodes methodologies and shares practical hacks to be happy and spread happiness.
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Published March 15th 2019 by Wisdom Tree
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31 Ways to Happiness
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gave it

It is what a man does with what happens to him. ” – Aldous HuxleyEach chapter addresses a topic that is imminently related to happiness.

For instanc: “ appiness is a Choice, ” “ Repair Your Past, ” and “ The Source of Joy and Sorrow ae the Same. ” I suggest reading only one chapter a day, as each chapter is packed tight with valuable insights that behooves sober reflection and an open heart.My favorite chapter was “ Deposit in Your Happiness Account. ” In this chapter, the author relates an anecdote about a an who is robbed of$ 1,000.

gave it

this novel will give you a new vision to look at life ... ..yaah but still this is not just read and forget material, to get most out of it you have to consciously read it and lead a happy and generous life.

gave it

I like his writing style where he explains difficult concepts with the aid of stories and examples.

gave it

This book beautifully decodes the chase towards happiness and shares many practical hacks in 31 lessons.When I read this essa, I was surprised at the depth of ideas that was conveyed in just the simplest of words.

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