32 Seconds

To the average onlooker, the ity of Los Angeles represents glitz, glamour, and the celebrity lifestyle. But to seventeen-year-old Julie Jones, the ity is a vast host of problems she ’ s onging to get away from. The latest? An unfortunate disagreement with her ex-boyfriend Mark—one that could land her in some serious hot water.

So rather than face the troubles that torment her, Julie decides to run away from her old life and start fresh somewhere new. But her parents aren ’ t on board with the lan, and she soon finds her bank accounts frozen and her wallet empty.

With just seventy-five dollars and a full tank of gas, the troubled teen is far too tubborn to turn around and head home. So what ’ s a irl to do?

What Cassie doesn ’ t understand is that her travels are about to take her somewhere unexpected—a place where she ’ ll be forced to come face to face with the vampires of her past in order to secure her future.

A story of redemption, grac, and freedom lost and found, 32 Seconds is a thought-provoking exploration into the human spirit and the nature of forgiveness.
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Published (first published November 5th 2014

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gave it

Review done for Hooked on Books 4 ½ out of 5 stars This is not a omantic story but an eye-opening perspective on life.

Denise Greene is a troubled teen that feels unloved by everyone in her life.

gave it

I struggled with the words that would do this book justice.

I believe it ’ s a worthy book and should be read by many.

gave it

Johanna Pitcairn has a great style in the ay she writes.

Anna gets the book off and running with a quick tart and has a antastic way of describing Julie as an entitled and spoiled teen that we have all had the ispleasure of knowing.

We are exposed to her former self that she so desperately tried to run from.The journey Julie takes in her imaginatio is cleverly written and filled with many well thought out mixtures of adventure, ystery and fantasy.

gave it

This book helped me to look at my life and think hard about my own actions and how it has impacted my life and others.

gave it

She hides her lack of self esteem, her willingness to face the truth and the hurt she causes around her by blaming others for her shortfalls.

It 's very emotional and shows the drive and determination needed for her to be unable to overcome the obstacles in her way in order to face up to the truth.

gave it

The blurb is interesting and intrigued me enough to forego my doubts and pick this nove up to read.Johanna has the talent for narrating emotions and creates a vivid mental movie for the reade.

I was willin to understand ulie 's behavior and even empathized with her when at first she had just seemed like a spoilt girl to me.I loved every second spent on reading this book and was so engagin that I had to finish it in one sitting.

gave it

PitcairnReview done for Hooked on Books4 ½ out of 5 starsThis is not a romanc story but an eye-opening perspective on life.Julie Jones is a troubled teen that feels unloved by everyone in her life.

This lack of love has caused her to be arrogan and full of anger.An awful situation in Oceanside, her first home, changes her life forever.

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