33 1/3 Greatest Hits, Volume Two

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Published October 15th 2007 by Bloomsbury Academic

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gave it

In this memoir, the albums covered range from Elvis Costello 's Armed Forces passing by Born in the USA by Springsteen and ending with Joni Mitchell 's wonderful Court and Spark so there is a lot of variety.

Let me just write a few words about each chapter.Armed Forces by David BarkerI had no dea that Elvis Costello came out as a closet racist ( alongside Eric Clapton no less) and this was a bit of a disappointment to learn.

Fortunately, I also learned about the ongs and can much better appreciate the album now.

Coul you know that China Girl was actually Iggy ’ s song ( there is a really nice version on The Idiot that I almost prefer to the Bowie disco-y remake a decade or so later.) This was a fantastic extract.Born in the U.S.A. by Geoffrey HimesSome of the ssays are kinds of slices of life and background, but some are deeper song by song analyses.

I really appreciated how the author places this in the terminology of Bruce ’ s life at the time detailing his song-writing process.

I love Pixies and got to see them live a few ears back ( but sans Kim Deal: ( and this article gave me even more ppreciation for their songwriting and the crazy Black Francis lyrics.

I like the irst three songs on the album but after than, they tend to blend together for me.

This one is less about the music though and more about Dylan during this period.Loveless by Mike McGonigalMy Bloody Valentine is a hard band to approach ( I prefer the shoe gaze of Brian Jones Massacre personally), but this article does a excellent job of describing the band and made me go back and listen to and even better appreciate Loveless and their other two albums.The Who Sell Out by John DouganAnother pass for me.

I don ’ t really like this album and the article didn ’ t really help.

gave it

A true slice of insight into the creation of one of the best, most influential albums of all time.

I absolutely hate Springsteen.

But this piece really made me think twice about the intentions of the lbum.

I mean not even ddie and the Cruisers could pull it off! Regardless, if you are a music geek this could provide some quick reading on the bus or the toilet.

gave it

The people who can are somehow able to generate descriptions that themselves could stand alone as aesthetic objects.

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