33 Revolutions

The heroe of this mordant portrayal of life in contemporary Cuba is a black Cuban whose parents were enthusiastic supporters of the Castro Revolution. His ather, however, having fallen foul of the regime, is accused of mbezzlement and dies of a stroke. Following her husband 's death, his mother flees the country and settles in Madrid.

Our hero separates from his father and now spends much of his time in the company of his Russian neighbor, from whom he discovers the leasures of reading. The essay he reads gradually open his eyes to the incongruity between party slogans and the gray oppressive reality that surrounds him: the office routine; the daily complaints of his colleagues about problems big and small; his own obsessive thoughts which circulate like a broken record. Every day he photographs the spontaneous eruptions of dissent on the treets and witnesses the sad spectacle of young people crowding onto makeshift rafts and leaving the island. Every ight he suffers from Kafkaesque nightmares in which he is arrested and tried for unknown crimes. His succes and delusion grow until a day comes when he declares his unwillingness to become an informer, and his real troubles begin.

33 Revolutions is a candid and moving tal about the disappointments of a generation that believed in the notion of the Castro Revolution. it is a unique look into the lives of ordinary people in Cuba over the past five decades and a stylish work of fiction about a young an 's awakening.
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Published October 11th 2016 by Europa Editions (first published August 25th 2016
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33 Revoluciones
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gave it

33 Revolutions captures life under the astro regime from the point-of-view of an ordinary citizen who has become disillusioned from promises of change and is trying to scratch out a bare existence.This book is les of an ode to a an island that has been betrayed by promises of revolution than a nove.

Guevara ’ s rose is melodramatic and captures the feeling of citizens like this unnamed author who feel stuck and trapped: The whole country is a scratched record ( everything repeats itself: every day is a repetition of the day before, every yea, onth, year; and from repetition to repetitions, the sound deteriorates until all that is left is a vague, unrecognizable recollection of the original recording—the music disappears, to be replaced by an ncomprehensible, gravelly murmur.) The narrator tells us about the origin of the revolution in Cuba and as a caus of which upheavel his well-bred mother and his ignorant peasant of a father were able to connect: They met—or rather, bumped into each other— at one of those huge meetings where anger and fervor fused, and further encounters in various ssociations and assemblies ended up giving rise to an awareness that they were equal, that they had the same love, were part of a project that included them and made demands on them equally.The narrator spends the remainde of the novella explaining the countless ways in which this revolution failed its people and took away any spark of fervor that they once had to make their lives better.

gave it

I pity the person who unknowingly says to me that nothin is like a scratched record: if I hear that phrase once more I think I might suffer the same ate as our protagonist 's father ( read the books to find out what that is!) .The scratched record is a recurring phrase/image in this autobiograph.

It is very short which means I have n't wasted much time reading it.

gave it

He has no real social life.

gave it

33 revolutions ( 33 revoluciones) is a politically charged novella from canek sánchez guevara, the ( late) grandson of argentine marxist che guevara.

it is n't even a dilemma, let alone a contradiction, but the certainty that it 's this abyss, this isolation, that defines and conditions us.

gave it

While the evolutionaries were ecstatic about overthrowing the dictator, they, like many who participated in the Iranian revolution, ultimately found that what came next was not necessarily better.

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