36 Inches

Book Three of the Size Matters series. This tal is a MFMM tale ... Enjoy!

12 inches might make you sigh.
24 inches may bring you to paradise.
But put 36 inches of man meat on the table?
Get ready to scream.

Mason, erek, and Dillon.
Three untamable beasts that dominate the book industry.
Whether its our 8 pack abs, our rugged face, or our giant ... egos.
No ma can withstand our charms.
We take what we want and move on.

Until we meet Cara.

She 's something else entirely.
A force of nature we 've never dealt with.
She wants all of us. At the same time.
Says she refuses to choose just one.

There 's forces looking to destroy us.
To beat them, we 're going to have to work close together.
To save her, we 're going to have to use our bodies.
We 'll let you guess which parts ...

** ** ** ** ** **
The Size Matters series takes you on a fun-filled journey through the thinkin of Alexis Angel and the fictional Naughty Angel Publishing company.

Come join a world where love is possible in as many pairings as is open to the min.

Perfect for when you just want to get away from the world and share a laugh and then go 'oooh'

** ** ** ** ** **
Also included in this edition, only --
as a special thank you from the author --
these five hot reads:
• " Alicia Vs. Billionaire " by Alexis Angel
• " The Biggest Licker " by Alexis Angel
• " Scandalous " by Alexis Angel
• " My Son ’ s Best Friend " by Cara Angel
• " Dr. Single Dad " by Dark Angel
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Published October 11th 2017 by Naughty Angel Publishing
Original Title of the Book
36 Inches
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gave it

What oman does n't want 36 inches of sexy man meat?

These books keep you going in the sexy department as well as the suspense department.

gave it

Three times the fun.

It 's an Alexis Angel book, so there 's dual pov and a happy ever after.

gave it

When Cara arrives at work one day she hears Sienna plotting to take down Naughty Angels Publishing and rushes into her office to find her boyfriend screwing her boss.

Cara ends up in a bar where a cover model she knows bartends and tells him about her day.

They end up sex in the ffice of the bar after they plan to go talk to ason about the possible problem from Naughty Angel Publishing.

gave it

Cara overhears her boss, Sienna plotting on destroying Naughty Angel Publishing.

Cara ends up getting help from Derek- a bartender and a very famous and sexy hot model that she happens to know.

gave it

Sienna views Naughty Angel Publishing ( NAP) and more specifically Alexis and Abby Angel as the enemies that she needs to destroy to get back to where she thinks she deserves to be.Cara was reading 24 Inches in the taxi on the ay to work.

She can hear her boss talking about NAP, Cara 's favorite, being done in less than 3 months.

Then she hears some different type of noises so she enters the office to find Sienna giving an oral greeting to Cara 's boyfriend and struggling writer, Trevor.

Toby has also lusted after Cara, so when she grabs him and kisses him, he is not wasting the opportunity and brings her into the office and locks the door.

Cara finds out that she really likes alpha men that like to control.Afterward they are talking and Cara tells Derek what she heard Sienna saying about NAP being done in 3 months.

Cara loves Abby and NAP and believes that she has a duty to tell anyon about it, but she was just a PA and did n't feel like she knew who to go to.Derek also worked for Sienna and she has him on contract to model for her covers.

ason knew that Cara was the PA of Sienna Sinner and from what he heard she was loyal and the second person he would have expected to leave her.

Turner is not surpris to hear what Sienna said, as he banned her 2-years ago when he caught her buying reviews.

She trolled others popular stories, used their story lines, and changed it just enough to say she wrote it, but her poor writing seemed to be catching up with her in declining sales.Mason knows they need to try and figure out what Sienna is up to, but Derek still officially anyway, worked for her.

They motion her over and after introductions, Cara tells Parker about the suspected plot against NAP.

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